Share Your World 5-4-2020

What can you break even if you don’t touch it?  Yes, there is a real answer to this.  I’ll reveal it in the next week sometime.  Still, answer how you would like – no right or wrong answer.

I feel like this is an Alice in Wonderland question, along the lines of “How is a raven like a writing desk?” The answer to that one is that they are in no way alike. It’s just there to annoy the reader. As for this one, I think of bubbles and other floaty things, but really I haven’t the slightest idea. I’ll be waiting for an answer!

What’s the most useful thing you own?

Probably my computers, but after that, the countertop oven I used for almost everything except baking in pans that won’t fit in the small oven — which is about four times a year.

That little oven has saved me hundreds of dollars in electricity and when it finally dies (so far, so good!), I’m going to get another one just the same as this one. When something works, stick with it until necessity whacks you in the head.

What’s The Silliest Reason You’ve Ever Gotten Into A Fight With Someone Over?

Silliest? There have been so many stupid/silly arguments over the years, I could never work out how many there have been. Zillions? Millions? Thousands? Hundreds? Definitely dozens. Also, how funny is a matter of opinion and could probably start one more fight about something utterly ridiculous.

If You Were A Snake, How Long Would You Want To Be?   No, size does not matter. 

I should think size is the only thing that matters, but I’m not a snake so who knows? As a person, I’m really short, so size definitely matters. Half the time, when my son is home, I call him by yelling “TALL!”

Big ladder for short person

He gets all the stuff from the top shelves. I used to be tall enough to stand on my toes and get stuff, but I can’t do that anymore. Too short. I have shrunk by 4-inches because my spine is sort of twisted.

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  1. The answer to the first one seems to be a heart. I think I’ll use that as an answer to the second one as well.


  2. The Underground… I remember all that, Just back from the Army, got in school and stayed stoned for two or three years… don’t remember for sure. We had a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers lending library in Econ 101 at Mizzou. Get wasted for 7:50 am lecture hall…


    • Those really WERE the days. I was so broke, I couldn’t buy food, but I was having a great time. We used to travel and if everyone chipped in, we might have enough money for gas! Broke was fine because no one had any money.

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      • Sounds wonderful. Marsha and me were soooo broke all the time. We lived in a little house with no refrigerator… We went on the federal free food program they had at school… Every two weeks we went to the starch paradise warehouse for our two-week handout… best was this huge box of cheddar cheese and giant can of peanut butter. Was federal program of some kind. Used to carpool.


      • And let’s not forget that gas only cost between $0.19 to $0.25/Gal, so you could fill up most cars for under $5.00. Most cars ranged between 12 to 17MPG.., but who cared about the mileage. It was the ride, and the trip, that counted, right?


  3. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World! I hope this means your shoulder is feeling a tiny bit better? In my prime I was 5’6″. All my adult life. You can understand how annoying it was, when at 50, I started being measured at 5’5 and a half. I’m now 5’5″. Shrinking, shrinking…gone! 😆 I’m the shortest one in my nuclear family, so I understand the frustration. I have a lot of step stools and light weight ladders to use (because nobody tall in my house now), but my balance is getting so bad that it’s dangerous to use them. So stuff stays on my high shelves too. That oven looks very useful indeed. If you buy quality, it’ll last too. That knife set in your photo is impressive too! Have a great week Marilyn! 🙂


    • I bought the knives one at a time when I could afford them. And these aren’t great knives. Their good enough for most kitchens but the price for a REALLY good knife is outta sight! I’m talking THOUSANDS of dollars.

      I didn’t get REALLY short until the last five years. Gravity did me in.


      • Actually there were kitchen knives that didn’t cost a fortune, and were every bit as sharp as the expensive boutique German ones. The companies that made them were American, like Chicago Cutlery and Robeson Hammer Forged. Their focus was on the butchering industry and restaurant businesses. I know because I have a complete set of old Chicago Cutlery knives purchased back in the late 60s thru 70s that were, and still are, sharp to this day. They were only available in Hardware stores and places like Fortunoff’s, or Zabaars.., then came “stainless” and then cheap stainless. Like everything else, we used to make good quality stuff, but those companies, and others slowly went out of business because their stuff was too good and almost never wore out. I love old stuff that still works. Stainless was part of planned obsolescence. When it got dull, it was time to buy a new knife. They got dull from putting them in a dishwasher where the heat destroyed the blade and warped the handles. Most didn’t have much of a blade to start with anyway. Sorry for this rant….


  4. Oh, I can think of plenty of ‘breakables’ without actually touching…. the heart springs to my mind, words, judgements, faith, beliefs, promises, etc etc etc.
    I get into silly fights all the time, and forget them as soon as they’ ve broken out.
    Most useful thing? No idea, but take it away and I’ll tell you….
    I don’t want to be a snake. Neither a long or short one. Full stop.


  5. I think you could break a heart without touching it, and probably a mind too, Marilyn. I am also short. Luckily, I have two hulking great big sons and a tall husband to help me.


    • How did that happen? My son was a solid 6-4 when he was younger and has shrunk to 6-21/2. in my prime, I was 5-4. How did I have such a huge hulking son? My husband is just an inch taller than me (he shrank, too, (but we were both always short and we match nicely) and since climbing to get things on upper shelves is a bit of an issue these days, it’s the kid or it stays on that shelf. Forever.

      DNA is a strange thing.


  6. You can break a heart without touching i.
    I think we do shrink as we get older. I used to be 5’6″ but now, at 93, I’m 5’4″


    • I was 5-4-1/2 in youth. The half-inch counted! Garry was 5-5-1/2 at his tallest. Maybe that’s why we got married. We match and we can wear each other’s clothing, but he likes mine better because it’s stretchy. He would NEVER have worn stretchy stuff when he was young, but retirement made stiff fabric, belts, and ties someone else’s business 😀 I shrank early because of my disintegrating spine, but Garry just got older. He’s still taller than me and at this point, noticeably taller because I’m down to 5-1 and he still has “it” at 5-5 or maybe a wee bit shorter.

      But OWEN is 6-2-1/2 after starting out 6-4. Personally, I think if he didn’t slump, he’d still be 6-4. But where? His grandmother was barely 5 feet. I’m short. His daughter his short and his wife was short. DNA is strange and wonderful … sometimes.


  7. Nicely answered Marilyn


  8. The silliest fight we ever had was about who was going to do the dishes. I wanted to do them but Peter wanted to do them too. Now who fights over that?


  9. The silliest fight we ever had was about who was going to do the dishes. I wanted to do them but Peter wanted to do them too. Now who fights over that?


  10. Lastly, the most convenient thing we own is our motorcycle. My wife says her sewing machines and wine making stuff. Neither compare to our unique Ural, a rare (only on US) Russian craft with a sidecar made of steel. A sidecar in wonderful… has a trunk… can carry 1,000 pounds.


  11. A loving heart.
    Arguing about not seeing enough of each other despite rarely being apart.
    If I found myself a snake of any size or nature I would immediatey slither into the path of the first brush hog motoring across the field and hope for a better life next time around.


  12. I hate to break the news, but I broke my word when I broke the silence about broken dreams and promises… And I won’t even touch bodily functions that “break”. 😉

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