SPRINGLIKE – Marilyn Armstrong

Two sunny days and suddenly …

Our indoor garden is doing well. Not fantastically. My Norfolk Island Pine is looking unhealthy. I have a bad record of dealing with these as indoor plants. None of the ones I’ve tried growing have done even passingly well. In fact, they all died. I thought maybe this time … but no. It’s going to die too.

Other things are doing well. The orchids are great.  I think there’s maybe one more bud and it’s getting ready to bloom. But after that, I’m pretty sure the plant will rest for a few months.

Green and growing

All the orchids

Greenery, orchids, and a couple of goldfinches

Orchids at the French doors, a Goldfinch on the feeder

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  1. Enjoy your spring. 😀 😀 Wonderful photos Marilyn 😀


    • Thank you!! Today, which is NOT raining, but a lot colder — I have the heat on. It is bright with sun. ALL the trees are pumping out leaves — and this is actually EARLY. We don’t usually see this much leaf activity until another two weeks. But I am NOT complaining! Go LEAVES!


  2. Lovely Marilyn….


  3. Wonderful indoor plants…jealous.

    Regards, Teresa


  4. Wonderfully springlike! The Norfolk Pine doesn’t look too bad — and I thought I saw 2 more orchid buds! Enjoy!


    • Half the pine is burned. IT did not like the sun. I sometimes forget that THESE plants like deep shade, so the side that was away from the sun is fine, but the other half is fried. I may save it if I trim it.

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