JUST A LONELY BOY – Rich Paschall

Lonely And Blue, by Rich Paschall

Are you lonesome tonight? Alone again, unnaturally? Feeling like Mr. Lonely? Lonely Is The Night these days so we thought it was time for our Lonesome List top ten. You can make a Journey to Ask the Lonely, but you will just be a Lonesome Loser. Those Lonely People will not have the music to sequester by.

Lonely town, lonely street

I Think We’re Alone Now, so I will give a shout out to a Bill Withers tune. The Grammy-winning artist passed away recently at the age of 81.

We don’t want you to feel like a Solitary Man or that you are the only “One.” We can be Alone Together with these top hits.

10. Alone Together, Dan + Shay. The young Country stars scored well with this song and entertaining video, a 2018 release. I was going to put Alone Again, Naturally in this spot, but if you recall the 1972 hit, you know it was one of the most depressing songs ever written. I put it on the YouTube playlist if you must have it.

9. Lonesome Loser, Little River Band. Count this 1979 release as one among a string of hits by the Australian supergroup. It made it to number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

8. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Hank Williams.  This 1949 song by the Country Hall of Fame artist was one of his biggest hits. It is from an era before Country music started sounding more like rock or pop music. Plenty of “twang” here.

7. Lonely Is The Night, Billy Squier. Now let’s go 180 degrees in the other direction with this classic rock hit from 1981. Squier puts out some guitar solos for your all alone moments.

6. I’ve Been Lonely Too Long, The Young Rascals. This 1967 hit is an oldie, but a goodie. The Young Rascals were later known just as The Rascals. Yes, we all get older, if we stay away from deadly viruses.

5. Lonely People, America. “Don’t give up until you drink from the silver cup, And ride that highway in the sky.” This was written as sort of a response to the Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby.” Interestingly, it was produced by long time Beatles’ producer, George Martin.

4. Alone, Heart. This 1987 “power balled” is Heart’s biggest hit. Co-author of the work, Tom Kelly, sang high harmony on the studio recording. Lead singers are sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson.

3. Only The Lonely, Roy Orbison.  The 1960 recording was the first big hit for Orbison, who also co-wrote the song with Joe Melson. They had shopped the song around, offering it to Elvis and the Everley Brothers before deciding to record it themselves.

2. Mr. Lonely, Bobby Vinton. Recorded in 1962, the song did not become a hit until 1964. Vinton began writing while in the army. It is about a soldier waiting for letters from home.

1. Lonely Boy, Paul Anka. The prolific singer-songwriter recorded this when he was just 17 in 1958. He went on to write other big hits for himself and other stars. We knew you needed some early rock right about now. You Boomers should sing along. The rest of you can just enjoy this oldie.

Click on any song title to hear the song. For the entire Lonesome sequester playlist, click here.

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NO GLOWING REVIEWS – Marilyn Armstrong

I’m on the Whirlpool mailing list. This is probably because we have a whirlpool washer. We got it (recently) second-hand, but somehow, we also got on the mailing list. I’ve left it alone because, among the many things we need, one of them is a refrigerator with a larger freezer compartment.

Refrigerators have always been expensive, but I was actually shocked at how expensive they are today. They are more than double the price they were five years ago when we got our last refrigerator. Thousands of dollars and I’m not seeing improvements to justify the much higher prices. The reviews, with a few exceptions, were written by people who had either gotten the fridge for free or at a substantial discount in exchange for an “honest” review. I tend to not accept these offers (I think all bloggers get them) because where I read “honest” I am sure what they really mean “five-stars.”

These people got their fridges for a heavily discounted price and not one of them gave a strongly positive review. All of them said that the interiors of the fridge were poorly designed, left far too much useless space, and seemed cheap. Moreover, many had problems with denting and scratching, There were missing drawers, no place to put butter and cheese, and a big blank hole in the middle of the model. The only place you could put a half-gallon of milk or juice was on the door. There were quite a few dented and scratched units and plenty of complaints that dealers were very casual about fixing or replacing damaged units.

I can only imagine what people who paid the full price for these refrigerators are saying. I decided not to buy a Whirlpool. The really good quality fridges are even more expensive and I think we have to get the new boiler first.

Whirlpool isn’t the Whirlpool we grew up with. Neither is Maytag or Amana or any of them. I think they are all made in China. The only difference is which name they screw on the door. Maybe I’m being cynical but when we decided that saving money meant moving all our production facilities overseas, I knew we’d eventually pay a heavy price for it.

It’s not like I have money to buy a fridge anyway, but our freezer compartment is perfect if all you keep in it are flat things that you can pile up neatly. The door has always had issues staying firmly closed.

We tried using a side-by-side refrigerator maybe 15 years ago and discovered the freezer compartment was even smaller than the regular one and it’s an optical illusion that they are much bigger — and those ice makers cause more trouble than they solve. They are too narrow, so I bought a separate freezer. I should have kept the extra freezer even though I was rarely using it, but who knew we were going to have a plague and need to pack in a lot more food than we normally eat?

So it turns out that if your product really isn’t very good, no amount of discounting or giving it away free will solve the problem. People are touchy about things they depend on. If the refrigerator is poorly designed, they will tell you. And since pretty much all the reviewers were women, they got a taste of how American women feel about major kitchen utilities.



So after all these years of working entirely with natural light, I gave in and bought grow lights. When we are having more normal weather — you know, the kind that comes with some hours per day of sunshine? — it works. But in the last two months, it has rained all the time.

It didn’t rain today (it wasn’t sunny either), but we’ve got a heavy 3-day cold, torrential storm waiting to move in overnight. I’m glad I got the lights. Now all I need to do it hardly ever water them.

Greenery under lights!
Greenery before lights