So after all these years of working entirely with natural light, I gave in and bought grow lights. When we are having more normal weather — you know, the kind that comes with some hours per day of sunshine? — it works. But in the last two months, it has rained all the time.

It didn’t rain today (it wasn’t sunny either), but we’ve got a heavy 3-day cold, torrential storm waiting to move in overnight. I’m glad I got the lights. Now all I need to do it hardly ever water them.

Greenery under lights!

Greenery before lights


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  1. I used to grow plants that way. ; Eventually didn’t have enough room, pain in the butt every time I moved which was once a year for a long time. Good luck. I hope it works for you, it surely did for me.


    • I’ve had much bigger indoor gardens before. At least this is on ONE table, not spread all over the house like it was before. I’m planning to only replace plants that leave. I don’t have the energy for a giant indoor garden.


  2. Lighting does make all the difference 😀


    • And it has been SO dark for the past few months. Even when we get a nice day or two, the rain and wind are just around the corner. My shoulder is giving me hell, so it’s time to rest it. It’s not awful outside today, but it’s cold, much too cold to put anything outside. our daffodils — for the first time ever — died before flowering. We got a week of below freezing temps and they withered. We’ll get daylilies and we have beautiful rhododendrons, but the roses didn’t come back this year. At all. I think it was the excessive rain and it rotted their roots. Strange weather!


  3. Truly magnificent Marilyn.


  4. Hi I also garden indoors. I have romaine lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers growing indoors. I love it. Easy to keep things organic, can keep it temperature controlled. Best Wishes


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