He hiked up the driveway, initially to bring down the trash can and pick up the mail, but he took a camera. It was a lovely day. There have been some lovely days, but very few last an entire day. Usually, the “good” day lasts part of the morning with sunshine and warmth leaving shortly after lunch. Then comes the afternoon with darkened skies and a lost sun.

The front woods and a lot of broken trees

Note wires. Note trees. Note likely disaster.

The broken branch lying over an electric line has been that way for a week, but apparently, they don’t have time to fix it because it hasn’t broken the line yet. It will. It sill take down the whole neighborhood. Nonetheless, it hasn’t done it yet. It would take them ten minutes to fix it now and it will we a catastrophe soon enough, but they can’t afford the ten minutes. I suppose I can call a third time.

They have records of my first two calls, but no one has bothered to even check on it. Owen has a pole saw, but it’s not long enough to reach the branch, so it will have to be a National Grid truck.

Rhododendrons have taken over for the roses,.

The road with hints of leaves to come

You can see that our Japanese Maple is in full leaf. It’s the first to grow leaves and the last to lose them.

I know there were flowers here, but I’m not sure what they were. I think there may be daffodils trying to bloom.

Called National Grid for the third time. They’ll get right on it. Major storm predicted for tomorrow night. I think we should get the candles ready.


Repetitive motion issues are a bitch and they are almost universal for people who spend a lot of time on a keyboard, or a piano, or sewing, or other small hand-muscle activities.

My wrist and shoulder have been ongoing problems since I was in my twenties. Yes, they can last a whole lifetime if you never really stop what is causing the problem. Which is my problem. Almost all the stuff I like doing involves many small hand muscle activities. My right arm is getting very impolite about it.

And then there’s also arthritis.

My right arm is issuing orders that I stop lifting and putting back this heavy computer every day all day. So I’m not going to do much. I really need to let that shoulder calm down. It’s hard to not use the computer these days when our world is permanently at home, but my shoulder is pretty bad. Even the lidocaine patch that usually makes it feel better didn’t entirely work.

Meanwhile, my wrist and hand are sore — and it’s all repetitive motion issues which are really my problem and only I can fix it. Every time it gets a wee bit better, I start using it again and it is definitely annoyed with me.

When it feels better, I will do more. Right now, it’s reminding me of what I failed to do and not it’s making me pay. Oops.

Also, there’s again. After a certain point in time, whatever is going on in your body, aging has something to do with it. It makes it worse, it makes it more difficult to overcome. You don’t recuperate quickly past 60 and even less after 70. So when you fail to heed early signs of problems and you go ahead and let them get worse, you are going to pay. Soon.

So now I’m going to do what I would have done a week ago. Let the arm rest.