PROVOCATIVE QUESTION #68 – Marilyn Armstrong

Fandango’s Provocative Question #68

What Fandango had to say about this:

“As I write this, the United States has had more than 1.23 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 72,000 deaths. According to the latest projections from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), by early August, the American death toll is likely to exceed 134,000. And that’s a conservative projection.”


“Yet despite these very disturbing projections, many states are “opening back up for business,” even though most medical professionals and scientists have noted that the case and death rate will likely shoot up as a result.

This seems to be fine with our president, who is encouraging states and businesses to reopen. Trump admitted that it is “possible” that many more Americans will die as stay-at-home orders are lifted. He told reporters that some people would be affected badly, “but we have to get our country open, and we have to get it open soon.”

And even though the rate of infection shows no sign of slowing, Vice President Pence told reporters yesterday that the federal government’s coronavirus task force could be dismantled in the next month because “of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a country.”

The question is:

I think Fandango answered his own question. The reality is, except for those crazies who follow Trump, most people aren’t going anywhere if they have a choice. Especially people our age. We weren’t all that sociable anyway and if the weather gets livable, I’m sure we’ll take little sojourns to parks where we can take pictures without interacting with others.

More than 28 states are not only failing to level but are in fact exploding with COVID 19. Republicans thought the virus wouldn’t cross into their states, that this was somehow a Democratic disease.

Viruses are about as apolitical as anything could possibly be. It isn’t alive and has no brain. Nature gave it just one function:


That’s it. It will keep multiplying until enough people are resistant to it, dead, or there’s a viable vaccine. Of course, if they keep the vaccine the same way they have managed testing, it could take a decade to get everyone vaccinated. Or longer. But by then, I figure we can assume Trump will have gone away. Far, far away.

Soon Fox viewers will believe that there wasn’t really a pandemic. It was a hoax. Trump has said he will hide the numbers so we don’t know how many people are dead. Does that mean people will fail to notice the people who’ve gone missing? No more grandpa or grandma. Where are the aunts and uncles? And why are all the businesses on Main Street closed?

Even the stupidest of the stupid are not going to be convinced that “nothing happened.” They may be confused about the details, but something definitely, absolutely, 100% happened. Whether it is going to happen to you is an issue with which each of us must grapple.

As for me, I’m going to be very careful and wary with where I go and with whom I interact.

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  1. In Orange County, CA, our numbers are pretty low, and the curve pretty flat. In Santa Barbara County, on the other side of LA, the numbers are even lower (like 6 deaths overall, and the curve almost flat. However, there is a Federal prison 50 miles north of Santa Barbara, in the middle of Federal land (Vandenberg AFB), and they are having a major outbreak there. They have released a large number of prisoners in order to spread out the population, but the staff has also contracted it, and they come from the cities around the base. For that reason, Santa Barbara County will lag behind much of the rest of the State in reopening. It doesn’t seem fair, but I definitely hope it will help control the spread!


  2. Danny and I had to cancel our Once In A lifetime 6 week Cross – Country Amtrak vacation this month. If we can handle doing that and staying at home AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE then I don’t understand why ANYONE CAN’T. I order as much as possible ONLINE…..Danny has still been working at the park this whole time. It was closed until this past week. This past Monday and Tuesday our Florida Governor decided to open it back up. Day Use/The Marina And Hiking. This Friday, our campground opens up. That is 64 sites in 2 loops. Two BATHHOUSES. Plus Youth Camp ETC.
    We are short staffed and there is a freeze on hiring. We have not been provided the safety masks etc.
    I believe in our RIGHTS . I also believe it is OUR RIGHT TO RECEIVE BETTER CARE.
    I am a Republican who is ASHAMED of OUR PRESIDENT AND MY PARTY.
    Debra Kasch (Sarah)
    61 years old with Multiple Diseases including Lupus and Asthma.
    STAY AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!


    • And that is exactly what we are doing. Other than going outside on our own property (which fortunately is pretty big), we are inside. I have had big-time heart surgery, gut surgery, cancer in both breasts, and there’s more, but I tend to forget anything that happened more than 20 years ago. And Garry is 78. He has glaucoma and arthritis but is otherwise healthy. But our doctor warned us that this virus WILL kill us. No question about it. It was a bucket of ice-water over our heads. We are so very lucky my son is here!


  3. It is more than premature it’s crazy. We are just starting to loosen things up a bit. There are national guidelines. The PM wants kids back in school and is starting to talk about the need to get business going but even he, and he is an idiot, understands that it has to be done by stages. Each state will make its own plan to suit local circumstances. As we had a big outbreak here in north-west Tasmania our progress will be a little slower than in other states. Beaches are a problem. In Sydney and Melbourne at the beginning of lockdown, the beaches were left open as long as people did the social distancing. It was around Easter, nice weather for going out and some of them got too crowded, Bondi for example. The police closed them down. I imagine that if the same thing happens in future they will do it again. We’ve been told that National Parks will be open from Monday but we can only go to the ones within 30kms of our homes. Cafes will start to reopen but with limits on how many customers at a time, tables further apart and so on. Pubs and Casinos etc may not open till June or July and it will be dependent on whether numbers of cases keep going down. Non-essential interstate travel will be off the table for some time to come yet. There have been a few protests about the restrictions but most people have been pretty good about it even though we are not used to the police stopping us to ask where we are going and why or telling us we can’t congregate in parks or at the beach. We get it, It’s for the good of everyone.
    I think New Zealand has probably done the best job of any place I’ve read about but Australia has been lucky. We’ve had deaths, and we’ve had outbreaks but nowhere near as bad as some places and I think the fact that everything was shut down before Easter helped.

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  4. A suggestion, perhaps as far fetched as the virus is a Democratic hoax, but when possible come for an extended holiday in either Australia or New Zealand – when they finally allow visitors from overseas. If it’s going to take years to find a cure, I can think of no better place to be.


  5. “Even the stupidest of the stupid….” I can’t understand how even stupid, gullible people believe anything Trump says.


    • Despite being originally told this almost entirely kills Old People, it turns out to have a much wider reach. it kills (more men) of every age. It has killed teenagers and people in their 20s and is now killing children. I don’t know if this is like a flu bug that metamorphizes — but much faster than flu — or the full range of issues it causes have yet to be discovered. I just don’t think it’s over yet. This really reminds me of the biggest pandemic of all time, the “Spanish” flu of 1918-1919. FIFTY MILLION PEOPLE because the second wave, after they reopened everything, killed twice as many people as the first wave.

      And you know, Black Plague is still with us. Sometimes it responds to antibiotics, but there is no vaccine. There was a near calamity with it in San Francisco in the early 2000s and they nipped it off fast and didn’t give it a chance to spread. It is every bit as lethal now as it was in 1347, but since 1918, we always maintained good emergency medical people to watch and stop this stuff from spreading.

      Until Trump.

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  6. I think most of us will be wary of others when we are out there.


    • We had better be careful. There’s going to be a second wave and I’m guessing we’ll start seeing in in late September and it will be full force before Christmas. What we will do about elections is a good question.

      The lack of testing is maddening. A lot of people — like me — wonder if we actually had it before they were telling us it was here. How can you know if you never get tested? Trump isn’t going to let us have enough testing because he doesn’t WANT everyone to know how bad it was, is, and will be.

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  7. My state–Florida–is opening up. This, despite the fact that my town alone has daily increase in Corona cases and deaths. Social distancing on the beach? Give me a break. “My right to go to the beach.” Be my guest. But please do not come anywhere near me. Infection, you know. No, that’s right. You don’t know because your only concern is YOU. I am so over this, Marilyn. Yes, I am older and my health is compromised, but that all goes by the wayside. I am appalled, angered, saddened. There is going to be a change in how things go forward after this? I await the ‘changes.’

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    • And I plan to be alive to find out! That is my most immediate goal.

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    • Lake Kissimmee State Park/ Lake Wales Florida.
      I really can’t believe they have reopened the state.
      61 here with health issues.


      • It’s craziness. And Monday brings more openings. Good gosh…..

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        • On one level, I understand. People need income. They need food. They need to keep a roof over their head.

          A lot of businesses will never reopen and I doubt opening now will save them because most people aren’t going out any more than they have to. There’s a lot of reasons why the economic crash has been so devastating. Coronavirus was just the nail in the coffin. We took businesses away from people and handed them to giant corporations and when they went down, the number of people that lost their jobs was astounding. We aren’t going back to the way things were. Not a chance.


      • In theory, they are talking about opening up some areas in Massachusetts, but I think they will delay it. We have only had ONE day without a rise in cases and deaths, so we are far, far from finished. Almost every age-facility in the state is now officially empty. Everyone in the big Old Soldiers VA hospital in Holliston died. Every single person died. How horrific is THAT? And there’s going to be a second wave. This is exactly what happened in 1918 and the second wave killed twice as many people as the first run.

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        • I honestly don’t understand the reactions by head officials. I certainly don’t understand why our country wasn’t put on stronger lockdowns to begin with. I expected them to lock everything down until the end of May. In April, I was hoping they would do it through June.
          Essential trips like groceries…. limited trips
          Cancel as many appointments as necessary. I cancelled my doctors’s appointments. I wouldn’t go there if they paid me.
          You are right about the Spanish Flu….Why can’t we do better than they did. We have the technology to understand it better. We should have learned from it.
          I could go on and on.


        • The violence has been crazy.
          And they are getting away with it.


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