It was sunny today. Yay for the sun and yay for having a day bright enough to take a few pictures. Just as I picked up the camera, a Red-bellied Woodpecker and a Blue Jay met and ultimately shared the feeder. These are two highly aggressive birds, though the blue jay is actually a bit bigger of the two, the woodpecker has a far more potent beak.

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

And here they are. Most of the Blue Jay pictures were taken with no processing. The combination of both birds got a bit more sun, which is a problem shooting out this window. Until the afternoon, there’s a lot of solar glare, but you can clearly see the birds well. You need a slower lens and maybe a filter.

Blue Jay

There’s a big storm tomorrow night and Monday morning so grab the pictures now!

Blue and Red … how topical.

Woodpecker and Blue Jay

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  1. Indeed. The robins are bouncing around here too. They are pretty fearless, letting me garden while they sort through the dirt looking for worms and grubs.


  2. Nice post. I have been putting out suet with blueberries and nuts in a feeder and the cardinals and blue jays are at it squabbling all day. It is nice to see blue jays returning. They had some kind of bird virus that wiped out a lot of the populations of blue jays and cardinals around here and we didn’t many for several years.


  3. They seem to be similar in size?


  4. Great pictures, Marilyn. Are you feeling any better?


    • Well, instead of cold pouring rain, we got sunshine until a few minutes ago. Now it’s all gray. When it isn’t cold and damp, it’s a whole lost easier to feel better.They should give up on meteorologists and just hire old people. Our bones always know.

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      • Oh dear, that isn’t very nice. Meteorologist seem to be the only people who get paid to be continuously wrong.


        • Yesh, but I can see it now. Rows of rocking chairs on fake sets that look like front porches. Old people rocking, talking about allergies, backaches, migraines, asthma … you know, all the fun stuff. Little recitals of how “back in the old days,” we had summer and even autumn. Or, for that matter, winter.

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  5. These are wonderful photos, Marilyn!


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