PORTRAITS OF THE DUKE – Marilyn Armstrong

He gave me his good side and I took pictures. Those are the eyes that make him popular. He is inordinately cute and he thinks he’s absolutely fierce. He greets everyone as if it’s the first time.

His eyes watch me. I might go to the kitchen!

Did I hear a squirrel?

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8 replies

  1. What a beauty! He’s gorgeous. 🙂


  2. He looks like a flirt Marilyn. He’s a heart stealer…


  3. What I see is undivided love, a love only a dog can give. No judgement, no heated dispute, just simple adoration (and knowing who’s dishing out the food!)


    • He is a very loving dog, but he isn’t velcroed to us either. He’s happy to finally have a home that’s his own. We are his third and as long as we are alive, he stays with us.


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