First, thank you Fandango for offering to let me give myself the award. Is that anything like crowning myself.

Since Fandango called his post “Thanks For the Tag”  and I picked up on this invitation, so mine is “THANKS AGAIN FOR FANDANGO’S AWARD.” I’m just here for the questions.


The best part of it is that I’m not going to nominate anyone, but if you are interested in playing along — if for no better reason than to get your mind away from the news and personal worries and fears — AND you get to make up your own questions!

Which is also the problem because I have no idea what questions I’m going to ask. Hmm.

Here are the rules from this original blog’s creator:


  • Thank your nominator.  
  • Answer the ten questions they ask. 
  • Create ten new questions for your own nominees volunteers. 
  • Nominate ten neat bloggers for this special honor.
  • Contact your ten bloggers to let them know that they’ve been singled out for this momentous award.
  • Have fun.  This is purely for entertainment and passing a little bit of time, okay? No gloomy-gusses need apply.

Here are Fandango’s questions and his answers.

  1. Share one thing from your bucket list. (You haven’t made a bucket list? There must be things you hope to accomplish before you die, right? Just pick one, hehe.) My number one bucket list item is to kick the bucket peacefully and painlessly when the time comes.
  2. Have you ever read a fellow blogger’s book? What book was that, and can you link the author here? I’ve actually read a few, including books by Iain Kelly, Cage Dunn, Teresa Grabs, Paula Light, C.S. Boyack, and Jackson Radcliffe.
  3. What’s your favorite foreign country and why? The United States. I know what you’re thinking. I live in the United States, but these days, it seems quite foreign to me.
  4. Who’s the last person you wrote a real letter to? A “real” letter? You mean one written with a pen on a piece of paper? OMG, that’s so twentieth century.
  5. What are you the proudest about your blog? That I’m still blogging.
  6. What do you like the most about The Cove? The Cove? Can you be more specific? Is it a nightclub? A restaurant? A novelty shop? 😉
  7. What’s a word you wish you’d never hear again? Why? President Trump. Okay, that’s two words, and neither word, in and of itself, is offensive. But when said together: 🤮
  8. What’s the biggest “from you, to you” gift you ever got yourself? Back in the early 70s,  I bought myself a used, 1959 Jaguar XK 150. It was a beautiful car. Unfortunately, it spent more time in the shop than on the road.
  9. Tell me something you wish people knew about yourself, that most people don’t know. I’m an open book. Most people I know in the real world know everything there is to know about me.

Okay. Only 9 but who’s counting?

Time for me to create 10 new questions you can answer. Or not. Thinking. Thinking. A bit rusty up there. Grind, groan, grit, mumble. Okay, I think the wheels are beginning to turn. Here we go!

  1. What are you doing that makes it possible for you to get through the day? Do you read? Take pictures? Paint? Garden? Play with your dogs, cats, horses, goats, ponies, your kids, your husband? All of the above and a few more I haven’t thought of?

    Photo: Garry Armstrong

    I read. I write. I take pictures. I play with the dogs. I watch funny movies. I clean out closets but only one a day. I try to read other blogs, but I need to do some reading that I promised to do, so that will have to briefly change. A couple of days.

  2.   Are you trying something new which you never had time to do because you were too busy? This might be THE best time to learn French or Westphalian Saxon.
  3.  Are you using social media more or less than you did before the “plague” hit?
    It hasn’t changed. I don’t use it much.
  4.  Have you watched any superhero movies? Don’t you wish we had some real ones?
    I wanted the Green Lantern to get his friends together and fix things.
  5. Do you think we are really going to have an election? You ARE planning to vote, aren’t you?
    In theory, there’s an election coming. I have strong suspicions of just how far Trump will keep pushing. Will he try to become Stalin this November?
  6. How do lady cops manage to run in four-inch heels?
    Damned if I know.
  7.  When things turn ridiculous on a TV show or movie, do you ask yourself or someone else in your cocoon “why is …. doing that? when you know it’s just part of the script.
    I do. Garry does. And we know the answer: it’s in the script. Why is it in the script? Only the producer/director/writers will ever know.

    Down that road and back again. Photo: Garry Armstrong

  8.  Do you yell at your television during the news? Or ever? I correct their grammar. “FEW not LESS” I shout. Garry, on the other hand, starts to throw things and I have to quickly change the channel because we can’t afford a new one.
  9.  Have you remembered to drive your car recently? If not, go outside right now and drive around the block twice. Gotta keep the battery alive!

    The orange Jeep Renegade is ours.

    Once a week Garry drives around the block.

  10. Did you take your camera with you on your drive? Take any pictures? Garry takes the camera and has taken some pictures. That’s how I know the rhododendron is blooming.

Feel free to jump right on with some foolishness of your own. Happy Day-After Mother’s Day. Hope you have some cake left.

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13 replies

  1. First of all, I did respond to 10 (not just 9) questions. You failed to capture the first question, which was, “How do you think 10-year-old-you would feel about today-you?” for which my answer was, “He’d wonder when I got so old.”

    Second of all, I liked your 10 questions, so I’m going to post my answers to your questions on my blog tomorrow.


  2. I think your blog deserves the neat blogger award. Nicely answered.


    • I had fun with it. I decided we had enough seriousness and something lighter might help. The doom and gloom on the news and everywhere is hard. especially if you are inclined to depression, Things ARE bad and they may get worse, but we’re alive and I’m trying to stay that way. Laughter makes the going a lot smoother,

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  3. It’s a real neat award, Marilyn and interesting question. I just wish I wasn’t so busy.



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