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I don’t want to jinx us, but with a bit more technology, I think this is what those good ole’ GOP lads are going to try.

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Welcome to another fun Wednesday where The Nest has no idea what it’s going to have to write!  What, you mean every day is already like that?  Oh, well, once a week we really don’t have a clue what’s going to go to press until we consult the Randomator and see what it barfs up.  This is the feature we call Random Image Inspiration, and it works a little something like this…

7, 8, 75, 44

The 7th post in my Reader was this one by Marilyn

The 8th word in that post is “issue”

The 75th word in that post is “these”

Putting “issue these” into Google Images brought this up as the 44th result…

It’s time for another titillating mini edition of SCT!

UNCLE SAM: Good morning, citizen!

CHIP: Hey!  No cutting in line!

SLIDER: Mr. President?  What brings you to our humble polling place on this election…

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Most of the squirrels eat early in the morning and occasionally at twilight, but now and again, we get a midday squirrel.

Most of these look as if they’ve been injured. This one has a tail that looks like something took a bite out of the middle. Otherwise, he seems okay. No big scars or wounds, but he has had a fight with something. A fox maybe?

Getting a good scratch on the big rail

A freshly filled feeder and a hungry (always hungry) squirrel

He also wants to live on the deck. Short of going on to the deck and acting like I’m going to “remove” him from the feeder, he is willing to spend the entire day on the deck including lounging in the sun on the railing.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Hearing

No surprise that hearing is a big issue in this household. I’ve lost some hearing, but it’s in a more or less normal range for my age. I often feel like I need to turn up the world’s volume a couple of notches.

Garry Armstrong

Garry has been hard-of-hearing his whole life and it got a lot worse in the last couple of years. Almost 2 years ago, he had a cochlear implant and these days, he can have conversations on the phone, watch TV at a normal volume and even talk with me! Imagine that!

He can even go to a party and not feel left out. That’s incredible progress.


If there are two more aggressive garden birds in this part of the world, I have no idea what the might be. All garden birds are a little aggressive to other birds. Some birds, though, when they hit the feeder the other birds decide there’s a branch they’d like to visit elsewhere.

Matched pair?

All woodpeckers are aggressive — not based on their size. They are aware that they have very thick skulls to go with their deadly beak, so even bigger birds avoid them. Some of the smaller ones are more aggressive than the bigger ones.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay again

Blue Jays are aggressive. They attack the nests of other birds and eat or destroy their eggs. And if you get near a nest, don’t be surprised to have a phalanx of  Blue Jays attacking you. They don’t mess around.

One Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Eating well!

So it figures when both landed on the same feeder, it was eyeball-to-eyeball and neither backed down. They flew off together.


The title probably suggests one of those old “B” films from old Hollywood. It was usually the second feature and ran while we scooted from our front row seats to get hot dogs, popcorn, and a Godzilla-sized Coke.  You could hear giggles and lots of frantic searching for coins to pay for our goodies.

This is the 2020 version of that old relic which usually featured John Wayne, Claire Trevor, and Ward Bond/John Payne/John Carroll in the title roles.


Duke, of course, is the newest member of our furry family. He’s the one who’s injected new energy into the household even if today’s pictures suggest otherwise. Duke is always good for laughs as our court jester.  He’s the very randy suitor of Princess Bonnie who’s very particular about her men.  Bonnie, no doubt, was dreaming about some of the passionate lover affairs from her gilded past.

The eyes of the Duke

Bonnie, it turns out, is also a cover girl. She’s “Miss May” in the calendar on a kitchen wall. She’s the face that could launch a thousand ships. Bonnie has more internet followers than the tweeter-in-chief, much to his agitated dismay.

Then, there’s the Gyrene. The young Gyrene. Garry Armstrong in his USMC uniform – almost 61-years ago when Dwight Eisenhower was the Commander-In-Chief.

Armstrong, the Private E-1, who somehow enlisted right after high school graduation,  from comfy, cozy Long Island to the heat, bugs, and D.I. hell of Parris Island, the USMC training base. Young Garry, inspired by John Wayne movies, envisioned a career as a Marine and then life as a movie star. Great expectations all the way!

Garry’s hearing disabilities, miraculously, were not uncovered until months and many exams in basic training.  Leather-necked drill instructors were dismayed to learn of Garry’s hearing problems. They had him branded as a wise-ass Yankee “boot” who laughed in the face of their heavy-handed efforts to terrorize all the young Marines in that long-ago summer and autumn of ’59.

Garry, the young Gyrene in 1959

This came on the heels of a national scandal about alleged harsh treatment of fuzzy faced Marines in the swamps that surrounded Parris Island.

Garry’s departure, on medical grounds, from the Marines left many of those hard-nosed Sergeants melancholy,  deprived of their favorite target to toughen the young Leathernecks.  It was a story retold many times in years to come. Oo-rah!

The face that launched a thousand cookies!

Sixty-one years later, Bonnie and Duke are unmoved by Garry’s colorful recollection of his brief time in the United States Marine Corps. They are recharging their batteries for another marathon barkathon later today and tonight, a major barkathon to wreak havoc on the now old gyrene and his bride.

The furries show NO RESPECT for the old, mumbling and grumbling leatherneck.

Semper Fi!