They were here, and then they were gone. Today they came back or at least a few of them came back. They are a brilliant red now. I guess they were just tuning up for the warm months. Maybe they are a sign of better days to come? We live in hope!

A pair of red House Finches (the brown speckled one is a lady) sharing space
A pair of House Finches

I have reached the state with our government and our crackpot president and his band of evil-doers where I know about as much as I can handle. All that is left for me is voting. I’m sure I’ll do at least some ranting, especially since I am harboring a very deep fear of what awaits me out THERE!

Two Goldfinch in full color

It’s eerie feeling unsafe merely going to your doctor. We have two appointments in June — mine is on the 8th (oncologist) which I can delay since I have no symptoms to report. Garry has a hearing test on the 9th. I need to call the audiologist and see if that appointment is “on” since that department has been closed down since March. I also need to call the eye doctor and arrange for a test for Garry before he sees the doctor in July. I feel a bit paralyzed by all these simple, easy decisions.


Day of the Blue Jay

These should be no big deal but these days they are life and death. I don’t know what’s going on out there in the bigger world. I also know if I get sick, there’s no treatment or medication available — not even a test to see if maybe I already had it, so one bad choice and it’s done and done. This takes a lot of bubbles out of the champagne.

On a positive note, I seem to be taking better pictures. I have no idea why suddenly I can find the focus I have been missing for a while. But my eyes are weird and sometimes I see better than others. There are a lot of guesses why, but no solid proof. In the meantime, though, I can see better than I have in a while.

Downy Woodpecker

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

10 thoughts on “RETURN OF THE RED HOUSE FINCH – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Thanks for sharing your focus! Those photos are amazing! As to the fear of the unknown big ‘out there”, do what makes YOU feel best. Mask up, glove up (or use the hand sanitizer generously), don’t touch your face while in the possibly infected environment. Take some baby wipes (not perhaps the recommended safe guard) and wipe your face and arms/hands after you leave the doctor’s or hospital. If none of those are reassuring enough, call the doctor(s) and discuss alternatives or ask what they may recommend you do. Maybe that will help a little?


    1. I got the oncologist moved to August. I got Garry’s appointments moved to mid-September. I’m still waiting to hear back from Garry’s ear people and the heart people. I don’t know how long the heart consult can wait. I also finally gave in and ordered new telephones. The one in the living room works but the one in the bedroom I can call out, but it cuts off all incoming calls and the third one doesn’t work at all. I bought these six years ago, so I guess they don’t owe me anything, but I do need phones that actually work.


  2. There is so much in this post …. LOVE your bird shots, the sheer beauty, light, clarity and I deeply worry with you re. all the medical appointments. In these times, and in your country, you have every right to be worried over just about everything. I can only wish you ‘luck’, good judgement in the decisions you (still) can make and quietly hope for the best. I’m with you in thoughts.


  3. It is pretty scary that things that were once no big deal, other than trying to get appointments lined up, traffic and parking are now matters of life and death. I’m more and more horrified by the things that I read about over there. A lunatic for a leader and a lot of people who just don’t seem to get that staying home for a while is better in the long term than rushing back. As for masks not being the face of God don’t even get me started.


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