ARE YOU A SUPERHERO? – Marilyn Armstrong

Fandango’s Provocative Question #69

So this is what Fandango had to say:

There’s a lot of heavy shit that is going on these days, so I thought I’d go with something lightweight this week. A softball provocative question. Something you might have some fun with.

I came up with this week’s question after Marilyn Armstrong asked this question in one of her recent posts.“Have you watched any superhero movies? Don’t you wish we had some real ones?”

My question this week is a variation on Marilyn’s. My question is:

I think I’m running low on super anything this week. I do some stuff well. I’m pretty good at writing, taking pictures, and organizing life as we used to know it. The problem is that all the things I used to do seem to be off the boards and I don’t know if they will ever come back.

That’s why I wanted a superhero invented by superhero master inventors. I want the Green Lantern and his buddies to fly down and save our planet from the evil madman who is destroying it and us.

What CAN I do, other than vote? I can write when I feel I have something to say that no one else has said a thousand times before. I don’t know how we are going to get even the simplest things done, but I suppose I’ll figure them out.

Maybe that is my super-power. Somehow, someway, I figure it out, whatever it is. I figure out things I don’t know anything about, never studied. I’m a good student. When I want to know something, if there’s any way to find out about it, I’ll do it. And I’ll keep hunting down the information until I know everything I can find.

So around here, when someone can’t figure out something, they ask me. But if it needs height or strength or mechanical ability, it’s definitely my son. If it has anything to do with movies, that’s absolutely a Garry. Also, all news and current events that have occurred during the past 55 years.

That being said, I really want the Green Lantern and his crew. Maybe they’d find a way to fix everything. What worries me is that I’m not sure there is anyone anywhere who can fix what’s wrong with the world in 2020.

“Through the trouble of this world there still runs a thin stream of serenity for those who seek it.”

Though the clouds are dark and heavy, it’s nice that there are flowers and hope, if not here, then somewhere down under.


img_7134 Entrance to cottage garden at Bason Botanic Gardens, Whanganui. The title of this post repeats the words on the sculpture. Image; Su Leslie 2019

I’m still trawling the archive for Friday Flowers posts, and today we are returning to one of my favourite places — Bason Botanic Gardens in Whanganui, NZ.

I’ve written about Bason Gardens before — and used the quote in a post title — but Stanley Bason’s words resonate with me now as much as ever.

“Through the trouble of this world there still runs a thin stream of serenity for those who seek it.”Stanley Bason (1900-1976: farmer, gardener, philanthropist and visionary)

Today’s photos were taken last December, when the Big T and I visited Whanganui for an early Christmas with my dad and step-mother. T had never been to Bason Gardens before and I felt real pleasure in introducing him to this special place…

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Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Armed Protestors ?

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.


guntruck Reopening Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Apparently Donald J. Trump’s incessant drum beating is reaching gun-toting Americans seeking liberation from frustrations they can’t escape. In their own bizarre way, the raging reactionaries are another cruel manifestation of Mother Nature’s punishing new game.

cropped-92682277_10158328777649359_4504060820958740480_o-1.jpg Nat Helms

Novel coronavirus protesters with military-style mowing machines are showing up around the country to demonstrate their resolve to reopen America by force of arms. Their sentiment is understandable, their motives are arguably even noble, but their reasoning, if any was applied, is grossly flawed. Nobody is on their side except Trump.

At another gun show in Shepherd, Texas last week, armed protesters gathered to support the owner of a tattoo parlor and bar in nearby Odessa, which reopened in defiance of an order that it remain shuttered. The New York Times reported that when owner Jamie Williams opened up her East Texas tattoo business she asked customer Philip Archibald…

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In every relationship, there comes a moment when you stop holding your stomach in.  You realize you don’t need makeup unless you’re going out. A tee-shirt and sweat pants are fine. You can let go and just be YOU.

Remember how that felt? What a relief!


The day you give up trying to remodel family and friends is like that. One day, you have this huge revelation. Other people aren’t projects! You can’t fix them. Moreover, they don’t want to be fixed. They don’t think they are broken.

Talk about relief. Phew.

The world keeps spinning. Turns out, we never had any control over anyone but ourselves — and not much control over ourselves, either.

Welcome to live and let live.


One of the things I have been learning to do is take more pictures faster. I have a tendency to focus and try to find perfection, the result of which is often not getting the picture at all. Now, I get the bird (or squirrel) in the viewer, I shoot. My camera is fast which helps. If I keep shooting, there will be something, even if I don’t see it as I shoot.

The thing is, I’m shooting through a French door, which is made up of panels. Small panels, so while I’m quickly shooting, I often get the pieces of the window along the edges of the frame. I’m learning to live with the limitations.

Those darker edges create an abstract background that I’m learning to work with rather than fighting with it.

If you keep waiting for perfect pictures, you’ll never find one. Also, these windows are east-facing so until well  past noon, the sun is coming directly in through the doors, a problem I can’t yet fix. I’m wondering if there is a filter that would help, but it’s difficult because the sun is right in my eyes.


When the trees fill with leaves, I think it will create shade. And the woods is full of leaves or more to the point, leaf buds — and pollen.


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