Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Armed Protestors ?

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.


guntruck Reopening Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Apparently Donald J. Trump’s incessant drum beating is reaching gun-toting Americans seeking liberation from frustrations they can’t escape. In their own bizarre way, the raging reactionaries are another cruel manifestation of Mother Nature’s punishing new game.

cropped-92682277_10158328777649359_4504060820958740480_o-1.jpg Nat Helms

Novel coronavirus protesters with military-style mowing machines are showing up around the country to demonstrate their resolve to reopen America by force of arms. Their sentiment is understandable, their motives are arguably even noble, but their reasoning, if any was applied, is grossly flawed. Nobody is on their side except Trump.

At another gun show in Shepherd, Texas last week, armed protesters gathered to support the owner of a tattoo parlor and bar in nearby Odessa, which reopened in defiance of an order that it remain shuttered. The New York Times reported that when owner Jamie Williams opened up her East Texas tattoo business she asked customer Philip Archibald…

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

8 thoughts on “Is Donald J. Trump Encouraging Armed Protestors ?”

  1. We got the militia and good ol’ boys with military rifles and even grenade launchers… Before I slowed down I was a big shooter…. mostly black powder like Daniel Boone… but now it sounds like a fierce firefight every weekend at a public shooting range. I bet economic downturn will slow it down… ammo is hugely expensive.


    1. We thought about it at one point — years ago — when we were both out and about in all kinds of places. Then we checked the prices, laughed a lot, and never thought about it again. We figured we were more likely to kill each other than some bad guy somewhere.

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      1. I was a cop for 13 years, a sergeant, patrol commander, sex crimes investigator and jail watch commander… I learned not to try and anticipate what might be out there because something will always disrupt the best of plans. Training for the worst is the best way to reach a peaceful ending.


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