SOMEHOW, SPRING SPRANG – Marilyn Armstrong


You might think that with the awful and cold weather we’ve had, that spring wouldn’t show up, but it did. Today was pretty nice. A big humid followed by pelting rain, high winds, and several tornados, but the morning was nice.

I had to take some pictures of the woods getting ready for full bloom!

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  1. It’s just glorious here today. I’m out planting tomatoes and all sorts of vegetables…


  2. Aren’t you perky this morning? Spring does that to me too. Soothing pics. Grey and humid here today, supposed to rain. Good for the flowers. Saw our first hummingbird yesterday… was checking out the lantana. Big one, must be passing through.


    • This morning I got up early to go to the bathroom and I looked out at the deck. There were squirrels all over it, but mostly NOT on the feeders. Several were chasing each other around the deck. It’s looked like a cartoon. One was chasing another around a long branch, but the other would run back underneath. The bigger one couldn’t do the underside run so he had to run back to the tree and start the chase all over again. They were running along the rails, up the steps, and the posts that support the deck. There had to be a dozen of them, but it was hard to count since most of them were chasing each other. I think it’s mating season for squirreldom. It kept me up a lot more hours than I intended, but it was so funny to watch.

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