When I got up early this morning — with every intention of going directly back to bed — but I took a look at our deck and started to laugh. I have never seen that many squirrels at one time, ever. They were chasing each other in circles on the deck, chasing each other up and down the deck staircase and along the deck rails. It was very funny to see and it just ruined my morning nap.

After that, I went and turned on the coffee. I had put out new food yesterday and there were a lot of birds. Most of them were familiar. Woodpeckers, Goldfinches, Brown-headed Cowbirds, Chipper Sparrows and another sparrow that looks almost exactly the same, but has a redder color in the strip above his eye. Sometimes bird-watching gets a bit too detailed for me, Even looking at their pictures in my books, I couldn’t see a difference.

I got some pictures of the Blue Jays in the woods, which is a lot harder than getting them on the feeders, and just as I was packing up, a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak showed up. Stood on top of the feeder giving me his “good side.”

Up in the tree 1

Up in the tree – 2

A good day to enjoy the woods

I didn’t imagine he’d hang around long enough for me to get his picture, but he did. Not great views. The angle wasn’t interesting — but with wildlife, you take what you can get.

Rose-Breasted Grosbeak

I really wanted him to do something interesting

He didn’t do anything interesting. He just ate.

Considering the rest of how life and the country are going, all I can do is give my thanks that I have birds and critters to help me remember that this is my planet and I have a right to be here, even if I’m considered to be too old to be worth saving.

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  1. It’s that time of year Marilyn.


  2. I should have read this one before I commented on your Endings post!
    I think your shots are great, beautiful, and I love that you caught that Grosbeak kind of glaring like you were paparazzi, like “Hey, I’m having breakfast here…leave me alone!”.

    And those squirrels? Mine gather in clumps at this time of year also, acting crazy.

    Mating ritual??


  3. You’ve an amazing collection of wildlife.


  4. How beautiful Marilyn,
    our planet is blessed and so are we.
    Your clicks are doing justice to their beauty.Can’t stop watching them over and over again.


  5. Three baby coons? Precious..


    • They have wandered off and I hope they are okay. They can’t live on just seeds. They need inseccts and small things like mice. Protein. I’d like to think they are okay, just finding better eats.


  6. For it to be our planet and to have a right to be here, we have to make room for the critters we share it with. Too many people are of the opinion that the animals are here for our convenience, to do with as we please. This just not true and a big mistake if we think so.In the supposed words of God, man has dominion over the animals. “Dominion” does not mean we were to wipe them out. We could learn a lot from Native American culture.

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