After having cut down our rose bushes so much that they have not grown back, other plants have decided they can grow. The Rhododendrons have been in the garden since we built it up and added other flowers, but it never grew. The roses took over the garden and grew like mad.

They are blooming like crazy. They are white and rather, I’m told, rare. Almost all the Rhododendrons I’ve seen are some kind of pink or violet or even dark purple.

So here they are. I’m amazed the roses didn’t come back. I’m a little sad to lose them because they were pretty, but they were also about as cozy as barbed wire. They made it almost impossible to get into the garden to care for it. They snagged any clothing you were wearing. Even getting rid of the cuttings was an undertaking.

The roses were really beautiful from a distance, but a peril to life and skin. So I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.


6 thoughts on “RHODODENDRONS – CEE’S FLOWER O’ THE DAY – Marilyn Armstrong

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