Garry isn’t feeling well and we are going to get our tests tomorrow. Meanwhile, sleeping with restless dogs who want the bed, preferably without you in it does not give you one of your great night’s sleep.

For a while, the Duke and I actually fought for the covers. He wanted the pillow too.

Nonetheless, the flowers are blooming and I have a few hundred pictures of flying squirrels. I just haven’t had time to develop the photos. I had to reinstall Photoshop and all of the filters. My copy of Photoshop is almost 10 years old and it still works, but I wonder for how much longer.

Enjoy the flowers! The end of May is the best time of year for flowers. That’s why they scheduled Memorial Day for this time of year, so we would all have flowers to take to the Cemetary.

World War I ended on 11/11/1911 at 11 in the morning. There aren’t many flowers in this part of the world in November.

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  1. Holding good and positive thoughts for you…


    • Thank you 🙂 We were tested for antibodies in the hopes that we did have it earlier, but no one knew it was lurking around. the other test has to be done at the doctor’s office and he is closed. I don’t think you can do the test by telephone.


  2. Hope Garry is feeling better soon, Marilyn. It is a lovely time of year with all the flowers.


    • On the way back from the lab, we stopped and I bought a fuchsia. It’s the first one in several years since the florist we went to passed away. I had to do some rearranging because otherwise, the raher huge fuchsia would hide the birds. They like the plant. After I found which hook to hang it on, I went back inside to get water for it and when I started to water it, half a dozen finches flew out of it. I know fuchsias attract hummingbirds, but I didn’t know they attract other birds.

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  3. Beautiful rhododendrons!

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