SPRING BY THE DAM – Marilyn Armstong

We had to get tested for antibodies today, so we had to get outside. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day. Warm and sunny and everything flowering. On the way out, we stopped at Koopman’s, the lumber yard and everything else store and I bought a big white and purple fuchsia. It will match my orchids.

The Mumford Dam in May

Puffy clouds over the river

I used my iPhone because I hadn’t brought my camera. It takes good pictures — very sharp and clear — but it isn’t a camera. And transferring the pictures from the iPhone to my PC is a real pain. But it’s a convenient backup for when I don’t have a camera with me and it’s hard to complain about the quality. I do have to learn to not get my fingers in the path of the lens. I got a lot of pictures of my fingers and thumbs.

Garry with his mask

It’s my first fuchsia in three, maybe four years, since the florist I used passed away. Fitting it in with the feeders was interesting. It couldn’t be in front of the feeders or I’d never get and bird pictures.

Columbine, at home

16 thoughts on “SPRING BY THE DAM – Marilyn Armstong

  1. Nice pics, hope you had antibodies, or better, I assume that is a good thing, been in the news a lot. We’re still hoping to find out if our son had COVID, about given up now, sort of water under the bridge. What grabbed my attention this morning was your pic with the blooming redbud trees. You guys are way behind us. Redbuds, fuschia, dogwoods, forsythia, tulip trees, etc. all bloomed in March. We had a cool spring but for last few days almost 90. FB and my page hardly has any visitors since Sat. I think folks are taking a holiday from endless gloom, not to blame them. I was good to go today until saw a Trump golfing story and got all angry. Have a great day.


    • It really is lovely today. Yesterday was a bit of a wet one, but today is gorgeous. Not as warm, but sunny and dry. As we head for Tuesday’s vet appointment with Bonnie, I’m probably not going to write much. It’s too painful even though there’s no choice. But not a fun week coming up.


    • They come in every shade you can think of, though purple, red, or some kind of pink always at the center. The flashiest ones have a very dark purple center and pink wings, but they are all beautiful. Never seen any in yellow or orange. Those colors are reserved for begonias or ground flowers.

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    • I have had them. Purple and dark pink and he reverse. White with central purple. Mostly, unless you are VERY lucky, you take what you can get. By the time I get there, I have a choice of A or B. I took B. But they were the same. Purple leaves with dark red-violet centers are gorgeous.

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  2. Lovely to see your photos and I am sure you were glad to be out again, even if the reason was not such a good one. Even masks make intresting photos. We see masks now and again here, but it is not a must. Luckily our infetion rate is now minimal, but there are always warnings and no-one really knows whether it will return in Autumn. I take photos a lot with my iPhone because I have a direct connection to google photos as well as Flickr and do not have to upload them. I also have the newest iPhone and they had made some good improvements with the camera. Have a good day both of you.


    • Downloading them to the PC is still a pain in the butt. Basically, I have to mail them to myself and since I take a lot of pictures, the downloading takes hours. I really prefer a camera — by far.

      Also, the new iPhone takes mini videos that have to be changed to jpg. The mini-videos are interesting, especially the ones I took at the dam of the water rolling over it, but I can’t use it anywhere. But — as a quick snapshooter, it’s pretty good and it live in your bag and isn’t heavy.

      Garry and I gave in and ordered canes.


        • Forgot to add,we both have canes, although I do not use mine so much as I prefer the walker. We both have a walker and it looks qujite funny when we go out together. Otherwise I prefer my electric whellchair as I can get a lot further and faster. I will now be using it for shopping in the future, so a new learning experience.


          • If I could get the wheelchair I need from Medicare, that would be useful. But they have very tight guidelines including that is has to be useful IN the house. No way is it going to be useful inside. Too cluttered, too many hallways. It would be mainly for going out. Eventually it will come to that I suppose. But even if I had one, I couldn’t get it up and down the stairs anyway and we’d have to be a rack for the car (expensive!) … so as long as I can hobble around, that’s what I’ll do. When I mentioned it, Garry clearly wanted one. He is very shaky on his legs these days. I don’t know if he’ll use it. He’s pretty vain, but he has taken a few falls recently that may have convinced him.

            Getting old isn’t fun at all.


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