I got some nice pictures of our favorite woodpecker enjoying dinner at the feeder. The birds seem to like being near the big plant. I think it makes them feel safe. It is much harder to shoot with the big plant in the way, so I’m going to have some practicing to do to get quality photographs.

Yesterday was the first time I shot using my iPhone. The pictures are admirably sharp and clear and it’s a definitely “better than nothing” camera that doesn’t require hauling a heavy camera and lenses.

For me, it isn’t a camera. It’s had to focus, it only shoots at 72 ppi and it’s really hard to keep your fingers out of the photo. Probably great for snapshooters, but the process of having to mail the shots to my PC then transferring them is a serious pain in the butt.

It’s good to have it and it has many other uses, but it isn’t going to be my favorite photographic device!

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  1. It makes them feel safe while they’re eating.


  2. The photos turned out amazingly well though! Very good shots of Mr. Woody Woodpecker. Maybe he’s a bit of a ‘ham’ and likes posing? The phone must be easier on your sore shoulder/arm too!


    • it is and it isn’t. It’s tricky to focus, so it isn’t the weight of the camera, but there’s a lot of twisting. I’m sure it will be very convenient. The post picture process is a LOT more work than a regular camera and because the pixel count is so low, you cannot do a lot of cropping and then expand the picture, not even a little. But for what it is, it’s pretty good.


  3. I still think smartphones are the root of all evil…. but if there’s one reason I sometimes wish I had one, it’s to get impromptu shots of the random silliness I come across day to day. There’s so much I miss out on capturing due to my technological stubbornness (And unwillingness to get “hooked” on them like everyone else has been for a decade)…


    • My son forced it on me. My cousin’s son and my best friend’s sons did the same. They said that we were seriously in need of good telephones and it was time they did something about it. I guess we’ve reached the point when the kid is leading the band. AND we needed to be able to text. They didn’t care about anything else, but we needed to be able to text because whenever we called them at work, even if the rest of the day was boring and nothing happened, the moment we called there would be ten people lined up for them.

      So now I have an iPhone 11. That’s the small one (I don’t need a giant phone — at that point, I might as well get an iPad and I don’t like them, either). I don’t understand most of how it works, but I can, reluctantly text (I hate it, but that was the deal). He’d buy and pay for the phone and the monthly cost if I would learn to text. It’s a pain in the butt to transfer pictures from the phone to the computer. I have to mail the photos to myself. I take a LOT of pictures, and they are large (but only 72 pixels each — weird). I grant you they are sharp and clear. VERY sharp. For unknown reasons, the camera doesn’t recognize the difference between a small movie and a photo. You press photo and you get whatever it feels like giving you. It’s an existential implement. It probably was raised in Pais, France.

      It’s useful to have something that is small, light and can take respectable pictures, but if you really want a classy shot, you need a camera. Focusing on an iPhone is VERY slow compared to a camera and I suspect most people just take the picture and edit later (if they bother t edit, that is). Most snapshooters don’t edit and all they are going to do with the picture is mail it to other people. THAT is easy. Everything else is klutzy.

      Still, having SOMETHING in your bag that can take pictures is useful, especially when you are someplace you weren’t planning to take pictures, but LOOK! There’s the most handsome squirrel EVER eyeballing you from a nearby branch. IF you can get the camera functional in time, you’ll get a clear, sharp photograph. Good luck. For me, it will always be a way to shoot when I wasn’t planning to take pictures. But I can see how for people who don’t post photographs online or on a blog, it would be a great snapshooter.

      I took pictures at the dam the day before yesterday and they all look great, but I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to hold it without my thumb in the middle of the shot and I still haven’t fully downloaded the pictures. I probably never will. It’s too much like work!

      BUT I can text and it’s loud enough for Garry to hear comfortably and that’s a big positive for him. It’s the first time he’s had a cell loud enough to hear clearly since our first Blackberries. Now THEY were classy phones!


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