Remember when it mattered if your jeans really fit? Hey, remember makeup? Remember getting your hair styled? Remember when the days of the week meant something?

Remember when you didn’t start drinking until around sundown (slightly earlier on a holiday)?

Those days are gone forever. Now, there’s Quarantine Life where we wear the same clothing every day because what’s the point? Our pets are all over us anyway, so regardless, we are hairy and what IS that stuck to my shirt? Oh, right. Maple syrup. Maybe a hint of coffee or jam?

Definitely not neat and it’s sticky.

Life in quarantine

21 thoughts on “REMEMBER HOW WE USED TO LIKE FASHION? – Marilyn Armstong

  1. I’ve been very good – up each morning, usual routine. Of course, my boss might want a video call – I can hardly put him off while I go and change out of my pyjamas 🙂


  2. I’m on Zoom everyday in school and get up, get dressed, and put on makeup. But even on the weekend I do the same. I find it perks me up. I also change my nail polish every week- it has become a ritual- I ordered 4 new colors to try out. 2 light blues, a green and a turquoise.


  3. The weather is getting cooler here so things are going a little longer without going in the wash. I was thinking this morning that my day and night clothing are almost interchangeable. For days at home, I invariably wear track pants or leggings, a long-sleeved tee-shirt and a sweatshirt or cardigan if it’s cool. At night I wear slightly more worn out versions of the same. I could probably take Cindy for a walk or go to the shop in what I wore to bed and nobody would be any the wiser. Apparently, a lot of people do go out in their actual nightwear which I have to admit I find bizarre. Adults in their pyjamas at the supermarket? Even though nobody would know that what I am wearing right now is nightwear I would know. I can’t do it. I have to go and change into the other old trackies and sweatshirt before I go out. 🙂


    • I almost catapulted out the window when I got caught in my sweat pants and the elastic tried very hard to to sling me across the room. We are in wam days and chilly nights for the week, but by next week, it might actually be hot.

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    • I don’t buy much clothing, but I try to buy good stuff and I treat it gently, so unless I gain a lot of weight or lose a lot of weight, it lasts until I’m tired of it. I used to buy cheap clothing on the theory that I was saving money, but then it falls apart after the first wash. I have learned about a lot of things. You’re not saving money when what you buy is poorly made. But it took me a LONG time to learn it.

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