THE GRAND DUKE – Marilyn Armstrong


We got him by accident. We kept him because he needed a home. We thought eventually, he’d calm down. He calmed down. He has mostly stopped jumping fences. Mostly. He isn’t mellow exactly, but he is among the friendliest dogs I’ve ever known.

He’s loving and sweet and protective. He tries very hard to be fierce, but no one is ever afraid of him. He will keep trying, though.

Resting … however briefly

What’s going on out there!

Portrait of the beast

“I think I smell a squirrel”

Guarding on the sofa!

His eyes watch me. I might go to the kitchen!

He has a great face and melting eyes.

In bed with Garry

22 thoughts on “THE GRAND DUKE – Marilyn Armstrong

    • Slmret, he’s a good kid. Just when I’m ready to scold him, he gives me that “look” and I smile. Anger defused.


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