ANOTHER WEEK – Marilyn Armstrong

We decided we needed another week with Bonnie. We aren’t ready. Also, I discovered a great calming chewy. Basically, they are duck-flavored hemp edibles for dogs.

They aren’t quite strong enough but if you give them about twice as much as recommended Bonnie sleeps though most of the night.

I know nothing we do is going to solve her problems, but she is having some good days and as long as she is able to move around and look happy, we will let her.

Groomed Bonnie

28 thoughts on “ANOTHER WEEK – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. LOL T 60 AND 70S. I’ve missed so much. I’ll have to try to find a post indicating what’s up. I’m sort of getting used to the laptop now. Got a few necessary programs installed so can see you and now get to you too, lol.


  2. I’ve been super involved elsewhere, but for some reason was called to visit y’all today. Now I know why. I am so, so very sorry for your loss of Gibbs and upcoming loss of Bonnie, Mr & MrsA, I know your pain. Many beloved dogs over the years, and many hard decisions made. I remember Rose’s standard poodle Lucy, and having to take her away about a week after she should have already been gone, as Rose just couldn’t make the decision. Fortunately, Rose’s beloved cairn Kizzie outlasted her by almost a year and she was spared that pain. Following through with beloved Rosa’s DNR was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and also the right thing for her. You will know when it’s time. Carry on, gotta love cannibis, and Godspeed to Bonnie. She will have many friends to catch up with. I’ll send Rose a note to order extra biscuits.


  3. I always hoped my cats/dogs would decide for themselves (like Gibbs), but that never happened. Bonnie is happy. That makes me smile. Makes me cry, too, because I know the ending, but it does make me smile.


    • We bought a week and the receptionist said we can keep her until we can’t. Maybe she’ll get some summer out of this last year of her life. Better sunny weather than ice and snow, though she used to love snow.


    • Right now, she’s happy. She wasn’t in pain so much as terrified because her sight and hearing are gone and her teeth went very bad in just a few months. We’d been so diligent about maintaining them, but I think her body just decided it was time and lots of parts just “went.” It’s probably harder for us right now than for her.

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      • Over the weekend I talked to a friend whose dog went blind in a short amount of time. the dog was always nervous, but now lives in almost constant fear. My friend is pretty much the dog whisperer, and has taken care of animals others would find impossible, so I trust her judgement, but I’d have a hard time justifying keep the poor guy around.


  4. Whatever suits her and you…. I – at first – didn’t understand, but I think these are sleeping aids?! How funny, hemp flavoured…..


  5. If she is getting some relief and is able to sleep, meaning you can too, then that’s good. A little longer with her and being able to let her go when you are not feeling tired and snappish will be a better way to remember her when the time comes.


  6. I’m glad you’re doing it that way as Bonnie deserves as much of a good time as she can get. WOW! wouldn’t it be weird if our children were burdened with the decision of whether to put us down after we got sick or too old to think straight.., or if we were barking all night long?

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