Oh to have that job again. The one where they keep paying you but you don’t have to do anything but deposit the money.


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I had been looking for a job that would let me flex my hours so Garry and I could spend time together. It was difficult. He worked terribly long hours, gone before the sun came up and not home until it was dark again. Ironic. Most people think reporters work “a few minutes a day” because that’s all they see on the news. Not true.

To get those few minutes of finished news on the air, they drag themselves through every kind of weather — blizzards, hurricanes, bitter cold, unbearable heat — and endless traffic, from one end of the state to another. They are often on the scene of the worst imaginable horrors before the first responders arrive.

And they have to look good while doing it. Without a break for lunch or even a bathroom. Someone once commented it’s like being in the army, just without the uniform.

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5 thoughts on “RUINED FOR THE REAL WORLD – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. WHAT a story!!! Never heard anything like that. MY best ever job was as a ‘jumper’ (don’t know the right word for it – but you’ll see, and maybe give me the word I’m looking for). As a mother of a small kid and a dog, with a husband at work a 100%, I found THE job. The ad read: Can you say NO? – Well, yes, I could…. It was for 4 part-time secretaries on high level, to work flexible hours in flexible days for a multitude of high-powered exes in an international company. I was on hols, at a time where you still worked with real letters, faxes etc – and I could only apply after my return, in writing. Of course, the 4 places were filled. So, I was told that my CV was very important and perfect for any of these positions and that they would, if an opening was coming up (fat chance!!!), come back to me. (in short: Forget it!).
    About 10 days later, I got a call of HR – are you still interested? I went for an interview and was told that although I’d be an extra, they still would like to employ me. Done deal….. I started with two full days a week, and in no time, all the people asked to have me for their extra work! One of the other 4 dropped out, one got dismissed, another new one was found, but I always had enough work and ‘divertissement’ for any days and hours I could work. It was fascinating, interesting, everybody was at their best behaviour and I went to venues, was happy, just had to organise my home life. Everybody was happy, mother-in-law was picked up on ‘my’ days, looked after son and dog, had the best company as per her own quoting, I was in a great mood on the days I was at home and fulfilled on the days I worked, went later on from 2 to 3 to occasionally 4 days, was well paid….
    Later on, the company changed ownership (twice) and became more faceless and less ethical. I left with a heavy heart but couldn’t face going there any longer as I was ashamed to work for them. But still, it was, for a long time, my BEST JOB.


    • I’ve had great jobs really working, but this one, I really WASN’T working, at least not there. I did a lot of freelance work, but the regular paycheck let me try out doing other things I would never have tried otherwise.

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