FOTD – May 30 – A Good Day for Fuchsia

The squirrels have gotten rather possessive of the feeders and the birds have had to go elsewhere for food. I’m not worried. There’s plenty for them to eat and if the squirrels don’t give up their siege, I’ll have to take down the feeders.

Meanwhile, it is a good day for fuchsia. Not this year’s fuchsia because the birds and squirrels trashed them. I should have known better. Maybe they will revive, but I’m not optimistic.

So we’ll go back to the fuchsias of days gone by and dream of a fuchsia future.

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22 replies

  1. Amazing! I can never seem to grow these.


  2. They are almost royal in stature….


  3. Sorry about the squirrels and their torment, but these are certainly beautiful photos.


  4. I like those little red balls the best.. such potential.


  5. Squirrels over here are hyperactive too. Probably family time.


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