Film Friday: Casablanca

Isn’t it weird how themes recur? We don’t have the whole German army marching into Paris, but it rather feels like it these days.


casablanca poster Publicity poster, Casablanca (1942). Dir. Michael Curtiz.

I know that Sarah at Art Expedition intends to write about Casablanca for a Film Friday post, and I apologise for my poor form in preempting my hostess. I had in fact written an entirely different post, but it was about a comedy, and I’m not really in the mood for a laugh.

So, Casablanca. A man who’s doing ok in difficult times gives it all up — including the chance to be with the woman he loves — because it’s the right thing to do.

The film’s hero, Rick is complex; a tough-guy with a heart of gold, a man with a past, an American exiled in Europe. A crook. A mercenary. A lover. A man with power over other people’s lives who chooses to use that power to help rather than destroy.

The film was based on an un-produced play,

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  1. It’s rather sneaky because they achieved this through trade deals and creating the EU.


  2. A contender for Greatest Movie Ever- watched it once again a few weeks back. What a great cast!


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