A STRAW AND A CAMEL – Marilyn Armstrong

I understand that Amazon is overloaded and slow delivery is routine and that’s okay. Most things I don’t need tomorrow or the next day. I don’t mind waiting a week and sometimes much more.

What gets me is that they deliver my stuff to other people’s houses. Our left-hand next door neighbor is one ornery, nasty old cuss. We used to listen to him shouting at his wife. She’s gone for at least a decade. I’m surprised she stayed as long as she did.

Not surprisingly, since Amazon has taken to dumping our packages on his walk, he has found it annoying. He refuses to return the packages. If we can’t figure out that he’s got them, he keeps them. Yes, it’s illegal and once we had to send the cops who explained the legalities and he decided maybe he should return the packages.

But, in all fairness, this is an ongoing issue. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been told the package was delivered but it wasn’t … and it never appeared. It was delivered somewhere, but not here.

We have provided our phone number and very specific directions on how to get here. We put up a sign along the road so if you are trying to find the We have given Amazon specific instruction on how to get to this house and we have a big sign at the top of the driveway that has our house number on it. Four packages were supposed to be delivered today and all four of them went to the nasty old neighbor. And all four delivery slips said “packages given directly to residents.” No, they weren’t. Not to us, not to the neighbor. Not to anyone but us.

They promised me it would never happen again. I wasn’t my usual placid me because I can’t count how many times they have said this exact line to me and it hasn’t changed anything.

That they can’t get the address right is annoying. That they lie when they say they handed it to a resident is much more than annoying. I understand te drivers are under pressure, but they had other options including “delivery is delayed” if it is. But it wasn’t delayed. It was delivered to the wrong place.

I hate the lying. That they make it increasingly difficult to get in touch with anyone at Amazon to deal with problems is most annoying of all.

The whole point of ordering things is so they get delivered. To me. Not my neighbor who lives a quarter of a mile down the road. It wasn’t that the packages were delayed, lost, or still on the truck. They were delivered — just not to me. The guy lied, said he delivered them to a resident, and dumped them on our neighbor’s sidewalk. It isn’t okay. And if I have to find local places that sell what i want, then I’ll have to do it.

I hope the state lets some more store open soon because it gets increasingly difficult to buy anything except groceries.

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  1. Sadly Amazon is doing the same thing to EVERYONE that they do to you. I live in a community where the houses are clearly marked, and it’s easy enough to find the %$#!@ place, so they have no freakin’ excuse either. Fortunately my neighbors are mostly all honest and will return the package to the person it’s intended for, most of the time. I gave Amazon the finger after the mess about the eight week delivery this year. I wouldn’t have minded so much IF they’d said that up front, I understand things are permanently FUBAR now vis a vis delivery. But to keep changing the %$#!@ date and hiding behind their non-existent customer service put me in such a foul mood that I’m refusing to deal with those idiots ever again if I can help it. I’m so sorry that you are having the problems and that your ugly neighbor is such a tool. Karma will bite his saggy ass one day, trust me.

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    • I completely agree with you. We just don’t have many stores at the best of times, which this is not. Most of the stores that might have what I need aren’t open or are very far away. If I can’t order it, I can’t get it. The furniture store is just down the road and it’s a great place. Free delivery and they take the old stuff away, including all the packing. But.

      The store has to get to them from somewhere else and they really don’t know when that will be. They HOPE it will be in maybe a month or two? But they don’t know.

      And now that China is messing with shipping costs, no airline will deliver at a loss, so if they won’t deliver, we are really seriously out of luck!

      As for the asshat neighbor, well every neighborhood has got one. We are just unlucky enough to live next door to him.

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      • Amazon is taking advantage of the pandemic with its shoddy delivery service and acerbic customer relations palaver. They need viable competition to shake them up and get their act right.
        Ditto on the asshat neighbor. Next time, I suggest I ride point on going to him. He hasn’t dealt with the smiling Samoan. I’ll wear my USMC tee shirt. We are roughly the same age so he can’t yell ageism about anything. Maybe I’ll take Duke with me.


  2. That really takes the cake, Marilyn.

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  3. Only last week I had to enquire about a parcel I had been expecting, only to be told it had been handed to me. I eventually found it hiding behind a dustbin in my front garden!
    Can’t they get decent staff any more?

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  4. I understand the frustration with package delivery it is usually UPS or FedEx that can’t find me, of course, they have a new driver every day and apparently GPS does not work for them. So most times my packages end up in limbo. I have one that UPS is still trying to find since June 12 even though they stated they put it in my hand.


  5. That is so aggravating when there are many other options for the driver. They are not doing it now but my supermarket used to send a text message saying they would be delivering in the next 15 minutes which was handy as I could watch out for them.
    If drivers are going to lie about having delivered something directly to the home owner then Amazon needs to look seriously at their staff in the field. What a pity that you don’t at least have a nicer neighbour who would bring the things to you or at least call and say “Come and get your stuff.”


    • He wasn’t a nice guy 20 years ago. Not even a civil one and he’s like that with everyone. The neighbors across the street are lovely and on the right are okay, most of the time. But that one buy is really ornery. He’s only a couple of years older than Garry, but he acts like he’s at least 150.

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