The looting of America is not the byproduct of protests, but rather it can be seen in our country’s broken economic system, one that allows tax breaks for the ultra-rich, unchecked legislation that enables shareholders to get payouts even when the money comes from a federal bailout, and corporate double-dipping while employees lose their livelihood.

Source: How Billionaires Are Looting America & Not Protestors

This is a brilliant post and points the finger — many fingers — at the real looters who have stolen our lives and our futures so they can have more money per hour than we will have in our entire working lifetimes.

Reblogged also on Judy Dykstra-Brown’s blog, it’s a reminder that the number of TVs stolen or for that matter, expensive clothing and broken windows, the real looters are sitting in their mansions and laughing at us. Laughing. Because we can’t touch them.

Please, let’s show them we CAN touch them. Let’s vote their shills out of office. Let’s get our country back. Let’s do it while we still can.

Let’s do something to fix the climate, make peace with our friends, stop trying to make war with everyone else. Let’s try to help the neediest, start growing healthy food. Let’s let our farmers return to farming so we grow our own food and don’t rely entirely on global distribution. Let’s give EVERYONE health care, mental and physical. Let the corporations pay what they owe … and they owe a LOT.

All my life I’ve been paying corporations. My taxes don’t go to my town to help it grow, It goes to political stooges and their PR agencies. Maybe it’s time they started helping pay our costs. Maybe, if we do it right, at least our grandchildren can have the life we hoped they would have.

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  1. I recently read the book The Looting Machine by Tom Burgis. It had more to do with the skulduggery in Africa. But the book Tailspin by Steven Brill is a real eye opener about what’s been going on in the U.S. Both are a good read but be prepared to be horrified with the facts.


    • I’m right in the middle of “Doomsday” which is the story of the bubonic plague in England in the 14th century, so I’ll need a lighter book in between. I think everyone’s head is going to explode.

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      • I’m currently reading Homer’s Iliad. There was a lot of fighting going on. Even the gods got involved. Truly tiring….it puts me to sleep every time.


  2. you are so right, marilyn


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