Is it ever okay to commit a crime?  Please explain.

I have been known to speed and park semi-legally. I’ve never intentionally done anything worse than drive too fast and wonder if I put the car too close to the “no parking” sign. I have no idea if I’m even capable of doing anything worse. It doesn’t mean I haven’t behaved badly, but it wasn’t illegal, just not very nice.

So, essentially, not really. Not counting smoking dope before it was legal, that is.

Do you deal with change well?  (not money, because I know some wit out there is thinking how bulky coins are. Well, I did anyhow.  O_o  )  

I used to deal with change well especially because the kind of work I did usually required a new job about every year and a half. I’d write the book and there wasn’t enough other work to keep paying me full time.

The older I get, though, the harder I find it making major changes in life. A lot of change, for example, involves either spending money or moving. I have no money and have trouble moving. Overall? I think I’m pretty much in what could be called a “normal” place which (I suspect) is where most people end up.

Do you like birds?   The sound of bird song in the morning, taking pictures of them, as food? 

Do I like birds? Are you serious? Sheesh. I do worry about whether or not they like ME! After all the food they get from me, you’d think they’d let me out on the deck so I could stop taking pictures of them through the glass door!

 What’s the least used item of clothing you own?

My really heavy overcoat. This is because our winters aren’t as cold as they used to be and when they ARE that cold, I stay in my warm, dry house! No more snow fortresses for this senior!


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  1. excellent! And quite funny as this very evening, I saw people heatedly discussing things in front of the shop entry….. Inside I saw two other parties discussing and I gathered that they were all caught today for doing something wrong on the streets of our town. Both of these parties had a fine of CHF 100.- . When I stupidly asked WHERE that problematic place was they told me but of course I had no idea what they were talking about because I’m still new here….
    Then I went into the shop next to this first one to get some fruit and believe it or not, there were two OTHER parties whining about the same ‘crime’ – another 200.- for the police. Now I’m seriously worried that this moneytrap will also be my downfall…. 🙂
    My personal and only petty crime I even know of was stealing a 20Rp (at that time 10c) ice cream as a child. My poor mother was called into the shop and get her crying and desolate daughter home after a stern talking to by the store manager…. Never forgotten!


    • I always wanted to do a bank job, but was sure I’d be immediately caught an imprisoned for life. Some of us are just not built for the criminal life. I don’t know what’s going on in town having not been there in months. Owen says we have our very own protest: TWO PEOPLE WITH SIGNS, one at each major (?) intersection. For Uxbridge, that’s something!


  2. Good answers Marilyn.


  3. A person hasn’t lived right if they haven’t done something wrong. Loved your bird pics today. Really good one… our finches are still hanging around but I am shooting them with a real long lens so camera wants to argue with me before I shoot and constantly miss the shot… Congrat on your Audubon appointment… not sure what it is, but no doubt it will keep you busy. Here’s some work… Gackles {black w/white spots, bright yellow feet and bill, very aggressive and destructive) are back and emptied my feeders onto the ground and ate a pound of suet since yesterday… got any advice about discouraging gackles?


    • Yes, that is the problem. Fortunately, I use a very long lens, but it’s an interchangeable lens “real” camera (well, three real cameras all of which take the same lenses), so when the AF gets feisty I switch to manual. But my eyes aren’t great, so manual may work out better — or not.

      You have Grackles? They are pretty big! the finches can’t fight THEM off!


    • It’s summer. Take down the feeders for a week. There (sadly) IS no other answer. I tried EVERYTHING else. I had a massive squirrel problem. Because we’ve been feeding them, they have been having squirrel babies like crazy, so we have every newborn squirrel on the deck (it’s only a 12X12 deck!) and on the feeders AND we have hundreds of flying squirrels cleaning us out at night. The birds never even got a shot at the feeders. Fortunately, it’s summer, so they won’t starve. After a week, they have to reestablish their patterns. Hopefully, the squirrels will forget, at least for a while.


  4. Thanks so much Marilyn for Sharing Your World. I’m always glad to read your contribution, time isn’t a consideration! The bird question was inspired by you, so you can feel vindicated about your alleged ‘tardy’ answers… (almost) Everyone smoked pot ‘in the day’ (I had it offered to me more times than I can count, but I only tried it twice. No effect, despite having a world class professional stoner show me the proper way to smoke the stuff. I’m not judging mind you. To each their own. I eat. Crappy fast food. That’s was/is my ‘drug’ of choice.). Change is tough for everyone IMO, it’s just the degree of flexibility that makes a difference.

    I finally got THIS week’s SYW up and running. WP didn’t want to meet the scheduled time, so it was stuck in limbo… my bad.


    • Since I started feeding the birds and the critters, I’ve learned a lot. I like knowing what I’m looking at, so I have a lot of bird books and a couple of online services — Audubon and Cornell University and iNatural are three big ones. Even then, when you get a bird that looks like one thing, but not exactly you sometimes needs to look it up in more than one place.

      I’m glad you got the other one up and running.

      Learning to inhale pot was not everyone’s strong point. I did a lot of choking and Garry never managed it, but edibles make him happy. I was always asthmatic, so inhaling was difficult and these days, I really can’t. But edible — dopey brownies are the BEST. You get the food AND the dope and you sleep like a rock.


  5. I think your birds love you a lot. You’re their food supplier.


  6. I view speeding and “dodgy” parking as “breaking the law” rather than “committing a crime”. Which may be the same thing but it sounds better 🙂


    • Well, it isn’t exactly a felony, but some of the tickets I have gotten were big enough to end my speeding career. I think that’s how small towns keep their economy alive, by ticketing everybody.

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  7. What are the two birds flying at each other beak-to- beak? What a great shot and what beautiful birds.


    • The yellow ones are Goldfinches and the red ones are House Finches. The red ones are a lot bigger than the Goldfinches, but they are the same family. They come in flocks.

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      • Thanks.. Like to know the words for things!


        • I do too. That’s why I own so many bird books … and belong to so many places that identify them. If you want any of the online places, let me know. I’ll send you the links. It can be helpful because they have pictures and sometimes, the online places (the big one is at Cornell University in NY) have a gigantic server and tons of information.


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