Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Benches

With 42 million people unemployed in this country right now — and likely more to come — a bench may be where many families, seniors, children — everyone winds up living.

In this house, with our own personal histories and demons, everyone is ready to explode. Garry has his own personal demons and maybe he will write about them. As of today, he has barely even so much as spoken of them — not even to me. The feelings go deep and are troubling and powerful.

This is an evil time we never expected to have to live through again. I’m not complaining about “looting.” I’m looking at the real looting being done by our “corporations” who have bought the U.S. and turned it into their private preserve. As long as we serve their endless greed, we are allowed to live here.

Last night on John Oliver, a black demonstrator whose name I forget but whose face I don’t think I could forget, pointed out that the reason they burn down their “own” neighborhoods is that they are NOT their neighborhoods. They own nothing in those places, not their homes, businesses, or anything else.

She ended on a note that rang so true: “You’re just lucky we’re out seeking equality, not revenge!”

Picnic bench with camera

Cee's Black-White

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6 replies

  1. Nice to see a combination of both of your photographs. Wonderful entry 😀


  2. There was some social distancing in the sepia photo, perfect for today.


  3. A lot of people ask that question. She gave a good answer.


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