FUCHSIA IN THE MORNING – Marilyn Armstrong

FOTD – June 11 – Fuchsia in the morning

I still haven’t put the feeder back up. I have to admit, I’m enjoying a couple of weeks without the mess on the deck. And I’ve been busy.

Summer is a busy time in New England.  It’s not really about vacations, though many of us used to try to fit a couple of weeks in somewhere during the warm months. It’s more about getting stuff done. Fixing the doors, getting rid of rotting wood and big black ants. Trimming the trees. All things that need fixing need to be done before the snow flies.

You never know when the snow will fly. It could be as early as November, or not at all. These days, the weather is strange and unpredictable. From having endless rain earlier in the spring, suddenly, we have only had one serious rain this month. But I think that’s about to change. Or not. The weather these days is the best guess by the best meteorologist, but the winds have changed. The ocean has changed.

Everything has changed but the fuchsias are doing well.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

10 thoughts on “FUCHSIA IN THE MORNING – Marilyn Armstrong”

    1. They are beautiful. Not as perfect as they should be. The squirrels and birds broke off a lot of branches, but they are coming back. It’s also a little to high for me to do any serious dead-heading. I dearly love fuchsias.


    1. It has been sunny a lot and I’m been watering them. They don’t have a long lifespan, so I do the best I can with them for as long as they live — which is probably around the end of August.


    1. And I admit, not having birds and squirrels crashing through them every day makes a big difference. They were breaking off all the branches. Also, this really is a good time of year for the birds to discover naturally sourced foods!


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