A computer can be the simplest way to do things and it can also be insanely  complicated. For some reason, my computer — after the last Windows download which might have something to do with it (or not) — has slowed down to a slow crawl. A couple of other things might have something to do with it too, like a lot of temp files from installations, logs dumped by various application, lots of download for installed applications — files which are typically rather huge. You can keep install files, but you don’t need to save them. They use a lot of disk space.

Having last night finally found the last piece of grammarly and removed it, I discovered that all my desktop shortcuts had lost their icons. They worked fine, but the little pictures we use to identify them were missing.

I rebooted, figuring that was the problem. And it didn’t work. I refreshed the screen. That brought back two icons.

It was late. I was tired. So, I opened properties and looked for the little “change icon” hook. Missing. I rebooted again. Now, about half the shortcuts had a “change icon” function, but they didn’t have the icons that came with the particular applications.

Another reboot. Suddenly, the correct icons began to appear. All I had to do is click change icon, then click the icon that was already there (so why wasn’t it appearing on the desktop?) and I was home free.

By then, it was two in the morning and as I got up to get something to drink then go to bed, both dogs were standing next to me in the kitchen. How did they know I was going to the kitchen? Both of them were asleep in the bedroom. They have an otherworldly sense of when a cookie might be coming their way.

It didn’t occur to me until today that maybe I should make sure all these shortcuts go to the correct applications.

Now, I’m trying to reinstall missing applications and filters. I’m reaching my “too tired to care” moment. Of course, our beloved Charter Communications is rewiring this entire region because the poles are very old and lopsided, so they been glitching on and off for the past few days. I don’t suppose THAT could be the problem?

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  1. Gol Danged, new fangled, ding donged corntraptions. In modern terms, WTF??


  2. I share your frustration and pain. Finally got a lot of mine up and running. Phew, it has taken awhile. Maybe now I can get back into my life, that of enjoying other writers and posting more often, yay ..


    • I have a feeling a lot of this is because Charter is taking down ALL their poles and putting up new ones. Connected, disconnected all day long. Every time I try to save, there’s no connection.


  3. I’m so glad I switched away from Microsoft all these many years ago – I’m not sure why it still exists since it seems to give people so much grief and agita…Just as I wonder why Apple can’t make a program as good as Excel.


    • I have one of each and frankly, both have their own issues. I started on Macs, and eventually realized I needed to be able to communicate with everybody, and that meant PC. My PC is a lot more powerful than my Mac and personally, I like the PC better. I suspect most of the problems I’ve got is because our internet provider has been rewiring and we’ve been on and off all day long. I’m pretty sure they are going to mess up our software again too.

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