Share Your World – 6-16-2020

It rained all winter. I don’t mean we got some rain. I mean we got the equivalent of 12 blizzards — all rain. The result has been a VERY buggy spring and an incredible amount of pollen.

I’m asthmatic, but even a normal non-asthmatic person would have trouble breathing. The pollen is falling so heavily it looks like snow. Garry has glaucoma and the pollen hurts his eyes, so despite the absolutely glorious weather we are getting we are mostly staying in.

What a pity because it really is gorgeous. Cool, dry, sunny. Absolutely comfortable. Perfect weather to do pretty much anything — except maybe the beach. This is frying weather. Torch one side, Baste. Turn over. Torch and baste again.


If you can tan, which I have never successfully done — even including one year when we were going cruising (remember cruising?) and I didn’t want to look like a dead white fish — SO I went three times a week for two weeks to a tanning salon to get a tan that vanished in fewer than three days,

I am pale. Very very pale. One year, I turned a very light beige. I pointed out to Garry that I’d managed to get a tan and we put our arms together. He laughed so hard he had to sit down.

So much for tanning.Now, even if I could tan (I should mention that Garry tans more in half an hour in the sun than I do in an entire summer), I wouldn’t be able to breathe. And having had cancer twice, tanning probably isn’t my best warm weather activity choice.

Thus, in the name of removing last year’s mud and muck, we are having our house power-washed. I know Owen was planning to do it and he can in the fall when it will need it again, but right now the house is dirty. Mud, pollen, and a lot of dead and living bugs in all the corners.

Owen is adding a layer of crushed rock along the front of the house so that less mud will splash up onto the house. Also adding more crushed rock in the parking area along the driveway. Good thing crushed rock is cheap in New England. We have a LOT of rocks!

And now, to the questions of the day:


What do you think of professional motivational speakers?  Do you think they motivate?

I don’t think they’d motivate me. Every time I try listening to one of these guys (they are almost always guys, but I hear there are women mixed in there who I’ve never heard) and by a paragraph into the shpiel, I’m comatose with boredom. Maybe I just haven’t met the right motivator? Or maybe I’m totally uninterested in getting motivated. Or more than likely, both.

 Do you have a favorite flavor?

Lobster in butter sauce, strawberry ice cream (real ice cream with real strawberries mixed in high quality vanilla), really good fresh peaches, fresh local shrimp, and excellent quality New England clam chowder. The white kind, not the pink or red kind. A perfect baked Idaho potato with butter (not sour cream), angel food cake without any icing, and fresh blackberries. Or raspberries.

And sushi.

While out walking, you hear a rustling in some bushes.  What do you think of?

What kind of animal is it? Do I have a camera?

What’s your ideal temperature (nature-wise)?   Hot, cold, temperate and mild, humid or bone dry?

Right now. About 70 degrees with a light, dry breeze, and sun with some puffy white clouds.

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11 replies

  1. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World! My sympathies about the allergies and the over abundance of pollen this year. 😦 Like you, I don’t tan. I BURN and easily too. As a young woman I routinely got severe sunburn in the summer, at least once and more often than that routinely. Never seemed to learn. Later I found out there is melanoma (skin cancer) in my father’s ancestral line and that being out in the sun and getting burnt as much as I did, would bring ill tidings. I’ve had four sizable cancers removed – one from my scalp (that thing kept getting bigger too), and three on my arms. These days? I approach the sun with the respect it fully deserves. If I’m out there when it’s sunny, I have on a long sleeved shirt or blouse and a humongous hat. Oddly I have a brother who tans so easily all he has to do is venture out for one sunny day and it seems he’s well basted for the rest of the summer. I used to sorta hate him for that. Your flavors sounded delicious..I do envy you the availability of fresh seafood.. how wonderful that must be!


    • Some of us just can’t tan. My parents both had skin cancer, so when i was I kid, I was torched because it was before they invented sun block. Now, I dress just like you.

      We don’t have fresh seafood anymore. Our seafood was fished out years ago. We USED to have fresh fish. I hope we have some again someday, but it will be a long time until our ocean recovers.


  2. I also do not tan, Marilyn. I am very pale and just go red, peel and back to white. I avoid the sun. I enjoyed your questions and your food choices are wonderful. Good luck with getting all the mud off and I hope the pollen reduces soon.


    • If we got some rain, that would do it. The tree pollen will vanish in the next rain. Whenever that is!

      I used to burn, peel, look like shredded wheat, and then burn some more. Eventually, I gave up beaches. I love them best in winter when they can’t really hurt me.

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      • I am allergic to salt and it gives me a terrible rash. I have to apply myself with cortisone cream after just a short walk on the beach. The more humid the air the worse the rash. I have decided I am more of a mountain sort of woman. I hope it rains soon. We are having rain which is weird as we don’t get winter rain here.


        • The planet seems to be off kilter. We had a really warm, stormy, windy winter with NO snow (we usually get more than ten feet of it!), followed by a cold, wet spring. And suddenly, it’s june and it’s bright and sunny and we having had a drop of rain in weeks during one of the typically rainiest months of the year. And it’s not hot. It SHOULD be hot and humid. Not only did we miss winter, we missed all but two or three days of our only really good season, fall.

          We have messed with this planet so much that it’s not the same planet we grew up on. if we don’t get our acts together, we might not have a planet to leave to our grandchildren.


  3. Lobster in butter sauce mmm good.

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