WHAT ABOUT THE ELECTION? – Marilyn Armstrong

Georgia’s primary the other night was a warning to all of us of what may be coming. In the course of writing this blog, I’ve had direct communications with several real-life historians and all of them have said exactly the same thing:


When I first heard this, I pooh-poohed it. That can’t happen. It can’t. But since then, I’ve realized that many things that can’t happen have happened, are happening, will happen. Why do we think Trump wants to ditch the post office? You think it might have something to do with preventing people from mailing in votes?

Gerrymandering as been around for a long time. More than a hundred years and for all I know, longer than that. The Democrats have done it too … but they haven’t turned it into the science as has the GOP.

Why not?

I don’t think it’s out of a higher form of political beliefs. More like if everyone voted, there wouldn’t be a Republican party, or at least not the current one. Most Americans are in favor of universal health care, a more controlled police force, fewer guns on the streets, a greater degree of honesty and transparency in government,  good education for everyone based on truth, facts, and science and not being gouged by pharmaceutical companies.

These past three and a half years have been a nightmare. Aside from Trump, who is a nightmare all by himself, there has been a plague and now, finally, one murder over the line, a broader recognition that killing dark-skinned people for being different than you is not okay. Nor is giving these same people substantially harder sentences for relatively minor crimes or making sure they have the worst paying, most insecure jobs in our so-to-speak economy. It’s NOT right. It was never right.

Dr. Seuss Cartoon from 1941 on antisemitism. The old story, just updated with a red hat.

The way we underpay women is wrong. They fact that we have allowed women to be brutalized in and out of the workplace is not even remotely acceptable.

We can disagree about how our national taxes should be spent but on principle, we all believe in honor and justice for everyone. Yes, there are bigots too, but I think they are a small minority. If they didn’t have access to powerful military guns, they would also be mostly harmless.

The press may not always be correct, but the fourth estate is the only thing that stands between us and a Stalinesque dictatorship. In all the years that Garry worked as a reporter — and all the people with whom he worked — never did any of them drag themselves out of bed so they could lie to you.

Errors are made by everyone, but the only news outlet that makes lying a fundamental premise of their news production is Fox News. If they aren’t ashamed, they should be. And maybe, one of these days, they will be. I would not like to tell my grandchildren that my career was  a series of well-produced lies. Would you?

Things are beginning to turn around. But what about the election? Will we be in the middle of a massive resurgence of COVID-19 as November rolls around? If the election is not held on time, will it be held at all? Ever? It’s a lot easier to keep a democracy than rebuild one.

We are standing on treacherous ground. We should be grateful for the changes and potential changes we see, but until we get this worst of all presidents out of the White House, we aren’t safe.  Rebuilding America isn’t going to happen overnight, either. There’s a LOT of work to be done and we will all have to do some of it.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

15 thoughts on “WHAT ABOUT THE ELECTION? – Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. Trump is incapable of learning anything, just like he’s incapable of being wrong (and accepting that fact). The man lives in the Steve Jobs’ “alternate reality vortex” where he lives to convince people that he is the greatest (everything).

    I am afraid that Trump will have to be removed from office since all the old folks running both branches of the government have forgotten what it means to work FOR the people and FOR the greater good, and not just to work to have their ego stroked and their bank accounts enlarged.

    While I am pleased that Tump appears to be losing support among the GOP, I fear that it won’t be enough and that he will succeed in being re-elected. 4 more years of this fascist is more than I can contemplate.

    Why can’t Der Fuhrer, obese and not trying to be healthy, simply have a heart attack and die? Not a fan of Pence, but he seems to have more detractors than Trump, so I’d prefer to have him in office when election time rolls around.

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    1. Many of us have thought this, even though we try not to write it. I understand it isn’t a death threat. You just figure how come HE’S alive when so many others in better shape are dead. No mortal is going to answer that, but given his obesity, terrible diet, complete lack of exercise, it makes you wonder.


    1. I know, but it would be nice if it didn’t swing back until AFTER the election. Garry — and most Democratic activists — are worrying about the same thing. How many times have we seen these “long hot summers” fizzle before anything is accomplished? It would be great if it didn’t happen THIS time too.


  2. I have been saying for months that, even if Trump loses the election, he’s not going to go quietly, and I’m afraid he’s already lining up all of his 2nd Amendment buddies to make sure he doesn’t have to.

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  3. I’m one of the historians who said that. The one good thing is that Trump is a huge coward. If the military has to forcibly remove him (which I think they will), they’ll find him cowering under a desk and he’ll melt as soon as they challenge him. Then he spends the rest of his life (short, hopefully) tweeting “I’m the real president!” and stirring up his supporters. That’s unfortunately the best case scenario, admittedly a nightmare, but perhaps survivable.


    1. I think by now, while I think you were the first to say it to ME anyway, you are very far from the last. And that hot mess in Georgia gave a lot of us a pretty terrifying idea of how bad this election could actually be, especially if we have a second round of COVID — which looks likely. I’m not worried about him calling for support from the military. I’m worried about him hiring “outside agencies” to do his dirty work. I often wonder what world I’m living in.

      I wish you’d write more!


  4. Trump was not kidding around when he talked about being President for life. Biden knows of what he speaks: Trump will have to be escorted out by the military–kicking and screaming–if he (please God!) loses. Somewhere else online I read that Trump would never concede defeat if the election is close. What a nightmare.

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    1. Do you think anyone has learned anything from this — I mean other than all the people who did NOT vote for Trump in the first place? That you can’t just stick any clown in the White House and expect the country to run “as always”?

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