FOTD – June 16
The Wild Garden of  Worcester

When you totally neglect a garden — even if you have a very good reason, like, for example you are trying to not die — eventually it goes completely out of control. Our garden has been barely controlled for years, but this year, it has gone around the bend.

There are still some cultivated plants growing there, but there are flowers I’ve never seen before. We’ve had a lot of wind, so maybe they blew here. Or a bird dropped some seeds.

There are very thorny branches coming up, so think the roses are coming back. I don’t see any buds, but I usually don’t. Just, one day, there are roses. Rather magical.

And here are two more headless catbirds. Enjoy the foliage and feathers.


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8 replies

  1. Marilyn I think your garden and my garden might be in contention for the wildest gardens in Worcester county. It’s been seven years since I did any real work in it. This year my goal is to work with the wild rather than tame it. Have you noticed an uptick in catbirds here? It seems my yard is full of them, but I am missing our mocking birds.


  2. Still looks good to me. It has a mature look to it.


  3. I like your wild garden 😀 😀


  4. There is something enchanting and magical about a garden running riot. Ours does, too, upon occasion, and it’s like living in a meadow. You have lovely plants exercising their rights.


    • And if it weren’t for the barbed wire rose bushes, we could even pick a flower without getting stabbed 🙂 It really IS out of control. It’s got plants growing in it I’ve never seen before and it’s a giant pile of GREEN. It’ll look great when the daylilies bloom, but after that, just weeds and wreckage.


  5. Lol! Headless catbirds! 😛


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