ANYTHING? – Marilyn Armstrong

A Photo a Week Challenge: Anything

“Anything” is a very difficult category. I had absolutely no idea what to do with “anything,” so I picked up my camera and took pictures. I got an incredible 30mm Sigma lens. It’s an f1.4 and extremely sharp. It’s the first Sigma lens I’ve bought. It had great reviews and in 4/3, it give me a 60mm view which is one of my favorites.  Just a bit longer than my 25mm (50mm), but it does great closeups, and it shoots in very low light.

So, here’s “anything”:

I call it “The Fallen Fuchsia”

And this is as anything as anything gets!


FOTD – June 20 – FUCHSIA

Three squirrels were inspecting my deck today. I got the feeling they have NOT forgotten. They are just waiting for me to put the feeders up. I didn’t know that had such good memories.

Meanwhile, the fuchsia are growing and are not being crushed by squirrels and birds.

I have a feeling that none of the critters will forget. We’ll put the feeders up and it will be full throttle ATTACK MODE!

I’m considering filling the 10 pound feeder twice a week and in between, they will have to find other food to eat. They seem to be doing fine. When winter comes, I’ll up the anti, but while food is everywhere, they can forage.