AT LEAST IT’S A CHIPMUNK – Marilyn Armstrong

He is a chipmunk, but he’s a tiny little thing, maybe the size of the palm of my hand. He always comes alone, and if there are no birds or squirrels (or photographing people) around, he looks for fallen seeds on the deck. In fact, he is a “Least Chipmunk,” a rather miniaturized version of the big guys.

First I thought he was a baby, but he is the same size he was in February.

A least chipmunk

More seeds and I’m so hungry

He’s watching me doing his portrait

The last two times he visited, he somehow managed to get up onto the feeder. The big chipmunks seems to have disappeared. Possibly eaten by bigger predators? The big ones make a proper dinner, but this little guy is hardly worth the effort.

Portrait of a tiny chipmunk

Related to squirrels, flying squirrels, and chipmunks, he’s like a miniature version of a normal chipmunk.

Good meal, wasn’t it?

He sees me taking pictures. He watches me while he eats. When he fills his mouth pouches with seeds, he quickly leaves. He has figured out that I’m not a predator, but you never know about those birds!

Just think for a moment what a LONG trip it is for this tiny guy. He has to climb from the ground up the rail of the deck — at least 20 feet. Then he found his way onto the deck, then up the rail. Finally, he climbed the center rail and finally, finds a place on the feeder.

21 thoughts on “AT LEAST IT’S A CHIPMUNK – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. What a cutie pie!! ❤ I'm glad he's not intimidated by your photo shoot, you got some amazing shots of him! Here's hoping one of the bigger birds or some predator doesn't decide he looks like a good appetizer….


  2. What an adorable little chap! He is so little, you’re right, I’m sure he wouldn’t be worth the bother for many predators. In fact, yes, I’d worry more about the birds picking him off! I wouldn’t mind a garden visitor like that – his markings are exquisite and he’s cuter than cute. I’m sure his meals are worth the journey he has to make. 🙂


    • The “least” chipmunk is the smallest of the Eastern Chipmunks, but he is maybe a quarter of the size of the full-size big guys. Really tiny. I’m still amazed he can go from the ground to the feeder. That’s a long haul for such a little guy.


  3. …. which just proves that he REALLY deserves some of your 5* ‘bird’ food! He’s a sweet little guy and you made some adorable portraits for us. Thank You.


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