To the best of my knowledge, squirrels are the busiest animals in the world. They are eating, jumping, climbing, leaping, running. Busy, busy, busy. When whatever tore down our feeder tore it down, it was full, so Owen just put it on the deck.

Relaxed squirrel

All the birds and the chipmunk and the squirrels came and ate from it sitting on the deck. Apparently we don’t need to hang it. Just pour the seeds on the ground or leave the feeder on the deck. I makes photography kind of weird — sort of impossible — but the critters are happy. As long as none of them is a black bear. That would ruin the party.

Old-fashioned squirrel at rest

I might fend off a raccoon, but I’m pretty sure me and a bear would be “Bear – 1, Marilyn – 0.” Although maybe if one of them tore down the deck THEN the insurance would pay for it. One can dream, right?

So today, after everything ate their hearts out, the squirrel who had spent probably four hours chomping through probably three or four pounds of seeds, basically without stopping to breathe, decided he’d had enough.

Graphic squirrel

That’s right. The squirrel had eaten so much he couldn’t eat any more. A miracle, is it not. He tried to launch  himself into the woods, but he was pretty full and I guess too tired to move very far. So he got to the top of the railing and decided “What the hell, it’s a nice, sunny day. I think I’ll hang here for a while. Yawn.”

Thus I got these cool pictures of one squirrel too tired from trying to eat 10 pounds of food in one morning. He could see me fine. He watched me, I took pictures of him and he was just too well fed and full of seeds to go anywhere.

14 thoughts on “NEW PICTURES OF THE LOUNGING SQUIRREL – Marilyn Armstrong

  1. The hotter it gets, the more squirrel lounging you’ll see. Nobody wants to be running around when it feels like 100 in the shade, especially if you have a tummy full of food and are wearing a fur coat…


    • True enough. But this guy had a whole feeder to himself … a very BIG feeder and he kept eating for hours, so even had it not be so hot (It was int the low 80s that day and not as humid as it is today), he was stuffed. I notice he has been back, but he hasn’t eaten as much. I think he actually overate, which for a squirrel is a miracle.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a squirrel who has eaten enough. As far as I could tell, they will eat until they pop. This one finally gave up and then, he was like us after a big family dinner. Unable to move at all. So he laid there on the rail for about 45 minutes then moved — slowly — into the woods. He’s back this morning.


  2. Well and Mr. 10 lbs of squirrel chow TRUSTED you. I think the critters know when a person is likely to be trustworthy and they share the knowledge around. Maybe the birds tell them. I wish they’d kept their beaks shut to that possible bear though. That’s some scary stuff!! 😮


    • It’s scary for the house, though I seriously doubt they would attack us. Black bears are not particularly ferocious unless you attack them first … and these guys are pretty skinny and sad.


  3. I’ve never seen a squirrel like this before – how wonderful! I didn’t know squirrels could eat too much! Such brilliant pictures – they’ve got to be a competition entry! Love them. 🙂


    • He is OUR cartoon. And he was back today. The other feeder, having gone empty and we couldn’t get the top off, either — it’s too bent to remove it — I used the last feeder in the house, the one that will only use very small feed. But that’s it. We are down to that one single feeder. I started the season with three from last year and added two more. ALL the new ones are gone. This is one from last season.

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