SO MANY FLOWERS ARE GONE – Marilyn Armstrong

When I started writing Serendipity eight years ago, I was enthusiastic and full of energy. Undisciplined. All over the place. Writing too much, leaping from subject to subject. Angry one day, mellow the next. Ranting about the wrongs of the world and how we needed to fix everything. I think I knew more when I was younger. I even ranted about philosophy. Imagine that.

Almost the end of this run of orchids

And then I just dropped everything and took pictures of birds and flowers and rivers and autumn leaves..

I was so passionate I probably contradicted myself a dozen time a week, but who was counting?

A hideous election that completely altered my world view — and massive heart surgery — and now, I am living in my nightmare world. I expect awful things and to no ones surprise, that’s what we get. Because somehow, through the perfect storm of politics, we elected the worst possible president and now we are living under his tweets.

The last of the orchids … except for 2 more buds

I remember 2012, when I was full-bore into the election and all the positive change I expected to see. The election ended. Gridlock began. The air went out of my bubble. Life got grim and rather ugly. I got sick. I didn’t want to get down in the trenches and duke it out with people with whom I disagreed. I didn’t feel like bothering to call out the crazies for being crazy. I wanted to hear music. Not new music. Old music.

As we head into elections in 2020, we need to be a whole lot smarter. Less passionate, more intelligent. Anyone who still thinks voting has nothing to do with them is beyond help. Let’s find people we can help. Let’s give up on all those people who live in a state of blind hate. They aren’t going to change and we will never convince them of anything. More than half the people I hear from are irrational, stupid, and fascist. We aren’t going to bring them to our side. They don’t have a side. They simply hate.

How do you talk to people who are completely irrational? Who don’t care whether what they believe is true or not? People who think their personal feelings are more important than truth? Any truth?

Meanwhile, there’s music.John Prine is one of our lost flowers.

The current future looks rather bleak. I want it to get better, but it’s hard to see past the mess we are in.

I want to move back to the United States. I’m pretty sure — this ain’t it. Are you hearing Phil Ochs singing “I ain’t marching anymore …” Are you wondering where have all the flowers gone?

This last one was originally sung by THIS group in a tiny coffee house run by my first husband, right near my college. It’s how I got to know the man. The Incredible String Band were … well … incredible.

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  1. Love the songs, love the flowers, and wished like hell we could change those so filled with hatred they can’t see straight.


  2. It certainly is hard to see past all this mess, but I still believe in better days to come. Thanks for the wonderful music and thought-provoking words, Marilyn.


    • This particular music was really hard to find. Not Joan Baez or Phil Ochs, but the Incredible String Band and Tom Paxton — and that may be the only recording of that song, at least that I have found. And I think that is one of the very few recordings of The Incredible String band, so it took a while to put this post together. I’m very fond of the music too and wish we could all go back to singing and playing guitars.

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  3. Will yet have to listen to some of the music but already agree with your description of the current situation of this world. I only hope that at least some more read your writing and thus realise that you in the Not United States are truly in dire need of some serious voting decisions….
    Thanks for your writing power. It’s ‘all’ you can do but Boy, can it have some influence on your readers.


    • My fear is that anyone who reads it already agrees. We do tend to collect readers who agree with us. It is the danger of social media — ALL kinds of social media.

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      • That was – sadly – also my opinion and is my fear. And for a long time I wonder IS THERE A WAY OR POSSIBILITY for us to ‘show another way to the ignoramus’ – a way or direction they can/could accept but usually they are brain dead too or your country wouldn’t have gotten into the state you find yourself in. It’s a conundrum only proper voting (this time) can change…. hopefully for all the good and kind, honest people. Your country deserves so much better than this.


        • I finally realized you can’t talk to them. They don’t want to hear you and they won’t listen. They have to at least WANT to hear you. Without that, you’re shouting into the wind.


  4. Nice music. The world is a crazy place right now. Everything is the new normal. 🥰

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    • I’m not sure we’ve ever been entirely sane. We ARE a racist country and we built this country on the backs of slaves. Even the White House was built by slaves.

      We’ve had a pandemic before, not to mention a bunch of outbreaks of polio, small pox, and Bubonic Plague. And let’s not forget the 1918 plague which didn’t start in Spain but started in Kansas … and WE made it much worse by doing exactly what we are doing now.

      It’s like we never learn anything. We’ve ALWAYS been insane, racist, and stupid.

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  5. Oh this is such a great post and perfect for me today, the first chance I’ve had to visit my Reader in a couple of weeks!

    You have to keep writing. I just know there is still the chance your powerful words will reach someone, sitting on some fence, somewhere! Maybe even LOTS of someone’s!

    And you know I love the music. Sometimes, I just want to post songs because they say what I am feeling way better than my fingers on the key board. (I miss the original Song Lyrics Sunday.)

    I’m watching lots of “young people TV series” these days, for the music included . It has me thinking Joan Baez was a little early in her predictions that the “Children of the Eighty’s” would become Warriors of the Sun. I have great hope for this current generation, at least some of them in the arts. We will certainly need them if we are to survive all this mess!

    Thank you Marilyn.


    • I hope I’m reaching somebody. I often wonder. It’s very hard to tell if you are reaching people or not. I certainly WANT to. In any case, this is the best I have to give so I hope it helps someone. I hope it helps make our lives better!


  6. I had 2 albums by the Incredible String Band. They were different. They were great. And that was fortune to spend on any music for a hippie like me.

    Have a great Summer Marilyn / Garry.

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  7. The flowers on my orchid are dropping too.
    There’s no reasoning with the irrational. They’re in a world of their own.

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    • I think orchid growing season is finally ending. I’ve had blooming orchids since February, which is a VERY long growing season. I’ve got two more buds. I don’t know if they will open. I hope so, but it’s time to let them rest.

      So many singers and other performers are gone. I felt particularly bad about John Prine because he wrote so much of the music that others performed. And he had just spent ten years conquering cancer.

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  8. what you say makes perfect sense, like you, I was humming along, quite idealistic, and then this harsh reality hit with the results of the last election. I continue to be an optimist at heart, but we do need to take of the rosy sunglasses and take nothing for granted, and focus on getting him out and restoring some semblance of kindness and order to our world. p.s. I loved the incredible string band, cool you have that personal connection.

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    • I hunted for that selection for a long time. They weren’t around very long. I think they must have done rehab or something because they were REALLY stoned. And not on pot, either. But one day, I actually found that and I’m amazed it still plays.

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  9. Hugs.
    There are times I want to talk and write about what is going on in the world. To let some of my anger out. Not at any one person (unless it’s Trump) but on our country as a whole. I hold back because of my inability to write the way I use to. To form the right words. SO I hold back in fear of the arguments. I would get them from all sides.
    It is sad, that, we aren’t really able to express how we feel, good bad or otherwise, without it becoming a hot topic.
    We can’t always help how we feel. We can and should handle how we react to them.
    Thank you for making me feel safe here.
    Hugs to you for feeling like you do.


    • Trump has toxified this country. I remember when I didn’t agree with the Republicans, but I never doubted that they were patriotic Americans. Now? I don’t know WHAT they are. It really IS Trump. Get rid of him and it’s possible that life might go back to disagreement without murderous intentions. We need to get rid of that evil man at the top and let everybody CALM DOWN. Assuming, given this virus, that any of us are left.


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