WHEN WORDS FAIL – Marilyn Armstrong

I was reading a comment in the Washington Post that followed my own line of thought:

Yes, the politicians are to blame — but so are we. The two trends intersect.The Republican war on science succeeded by making people distrust our medical experts. Next, there are, apparently, many fewer Americans willing to endure even minimal discomfort for the good of us all! 

I understand that politicians — neither Republicans nor Democrats — started the pandemic. And Republicans didn’t “make people” distrust medical experts. We just have an extraordinary number of really stupid people in this country who will believe anything Trump or his menagerie tell them.

That Trump and his menagerie are all liars is true but they couldn’t do it without a lot of stupid, selfish people who choose to believe them. Want to believe them. Because these morons don’t like reality, don’t want to learn, never read books, and ONLY watch Fox News. The concept of research appalls them.They hate educated people and firmly believe their ignorance is as good as an expert’s knowledge.

These are the same selfish pigs who are helping make American the pestilential center of the world. No other country has managed to have behaved as poorly as the good old U.S,A. We are the sickest country in the world and have the kind of citizens living here who think making things worse is okay because it’s their constitutional right to not be inconvenienced by a plague.

I’ve read the constitution. Nowhere does it says that our government can’t inconvenience us. They inconvenience us all the time and to top it off, they are racist and anti semitic.

Today, as the number of COVID patients has risen to an all-time high, Trump’s people went to court to kill Obamacare, The ACA. So that 20 million more people will be unable to get medical care. In the middle of a pandemic. Who are these people? What is wrong with this country? How have the rest of us been so negligent as to allow these insensitive thugs to be in charge? How can we have allowed it to happen? I didn’t vote for this government. Neither did Garry or any of my friends but a lot of people did vote and many of them, without regrets. Some wish they hadn’t, but a lot are still worshipping this sleazebag as if he is some kind of bizarre, larded god.

And more than ten percent of the voters aren’t sure who they will vote for. Aren’t sure? What would make them sure? When we are excluded from the rest of the world because we still have the disease and everyone else got their acts together and got rid of it? When nobody takes this country seriously or trusts us?

I’m boggled. I don’t even have the words to say how bad I feel and how ashamed I am of this country. It really is humiliating to be an American these days. And that is an awful way to feel.

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  1. Well, voting is the answer. Also, so are the points I made. They are, in part, why this has happened. The other is that America is no longer the land of our forefathers and mothers. To be a child of the 60-70´s one knows that instantly. To live in Europe is to know that from all who ask, “how did this happen?” To know that is to have a heart and hear the 30-40% of the “nation” who abide with him. To know that is not to rant but to weep…for the world.


  2. I am a clinical psychologist living in Spain. A couple things: words do not fail in this case as your blog proves. Willingness to read and to think fail. Second, a central aspect of sociopathy is an us-them mentally. That is Trump and his followers. That is not human nature, quite the opposite. Look at any baby younger than 6 months Third, great strides were made during the ´Nam period. In therapy, when you reach a point of deep change, like then, you will either move forward or radically backward. That is a given and that is what is happening now. Fourth, in Spain there is a fascistic party called Voxx. It is in the minority because Spain thinks internationally, still. American government does not. Fifth, the reason we have and need MeToo, Black Lives Matter and LGBQ is because we didn´t continue to move forward. Now those groups must move US forward. Sixth, a fundamental reason for racism is low self esteem and actual inadequacy. Uneducated, narrow whites and others can find solace in pointing at another group like blacks or latinos and claim it is supposedly “lower” than they. Seventh, the so-called president does not release his taxes or school records because they will place him on the bottom of the heap, saved by his daddy, and neither smart nor capable. Eighth, and last for now. The reason bullies succeed is they manage to make power and control be in charge in a narrow area. If we allow ourselves to be depressed by them, sad and angry, yes, but not depressed, we are cooperating. Might does not make right. Truth and integrity matter, most importantly to each individual. If we do not hold them out in front of us we might as well kneel.

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    • Pretty good summary. Add to that, that American’s often don’t bother to vote. If more people had voted last election, we wouldn’t be in quite such a mess. I’ve always thought there was something seriously wrong with Trump. Long before he “got political,” he was living in New York — as did I — and he was weird and most unlikeable and that was 30 or 40 years ago. He hasn’t improved with time.and I can’t see him ever getting any better. That he is not very smart I get. That he has been lying about his taxes? I get that too. But he is more than poorly educated and bad-tempered. He is also cruel, mean-spirited. I sometime think he hates this country. Everything he does seems to be intended to spoil the good things we have.

      He needs to be gone and never come back, but people have to get out there and VOTE. It’s all we have left. Short of an actual civil war … and I don’t think he is going to leave voluntarily. I think they are going to have to carry him out. It is humiliating to have such an ugly bully as president. If we don’t get rid of him this time, I don’t know what will become of this country. The future looks petty ugly.

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  3. Watching our democracy being systematically disassembled by the fraudulently elected president along with the help of traitors in the Senate is a reality none of the thinking people of the USA ever expected. And watching the president cower and bow to Putin, handing over to the Russians every item on their wish list to undermine and destroy America is beyond comprehension. The only possible answer is that trump is either totally incompetent (likely) or that he is a Russian asset (just as likely). Trump’s dependence on the techniques of Nazi Germany to control and manipulate the dumber members of our society is a clear and present danger to everything that America has stood for over the last seven decades. With the pressure of the coming collapse of our environment which ever living being on the planet depends on, and the greed fighting to maintain the status quo no matter the cost (not financial) to the survival of us all, we are at the last stop sign where we, as a collective people, can even ‘maybe’ slow the inevitable. This election, as pitiful as it is, will determine whether there is a future for the young people living and being born while we adults scratch our heads at the circumstance we are now in. As a Nam veteran, I find our lack of change, even from those days of youthful rejection of the war mindset, is a harbinger of what we can expect now and that is a gloomy prediction indeed. While I am a personal optimist, I am a political pessimist. Having said that, I will vote and encourage everyone to take part in the last bastion of democracy if we are to have any hope of regaining values that can be carried forward to a better world. If necessary, I will resist the Nazi mindset of the WH occupant and those who follow him in any way necessary. While we must face reality, we must also band together in support of every action possible to stop the momentum of Trump’s minions and to reestablish the rule of law and respect for all people with justice for those who have suffered most under the present regime.

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    • I couldn’t have said it better.

      I figure there’s a good chance that Trump is a Russian asset and doesn’t even know it. But then, there’s the rest of his party. Words don’t usually fail me but I think I’ve said everything I could possibly say by now. That we are facing a calamitous climate change and this administration is working hard to make sure it happens faster …

      I am not generally a believer in demonic possession, but if ever there was a president and cronies who seem to be possessed by evil, this is that group. Are they even human?


  4. It’s a tragic state of affairs to be sure. Destroying people’s property, attacking others, all of it is in my opinion rioting, it’s not standing for anything, when you protest peacefully, stand quietly then you deserve respect and attention. This is basically anarchy all round. Citizens, cops, all races…it’s a fraken free for all with no purpose. I’m angry when I see this happening.


  5. For the first time in my life I feel really trapped, both physically and mentally. The country is a laughing stock to the world, a very dangerous place to be, and this pandemic disease makes it impossible to leave — no-one will have us. We once, during the Vietnam War, had the choice to move to Canada. I discounted that option as the cowards’ way out and so remained, plus now I’m old and that window has closed. I decided, back then, that fighting this battle on our own turf was the best way. I’m tired and Canada wants nothing to do with us. I can’t blame them either.., I want nothing to do with us.


    • This is a very bad time and because we are old and both of us have serious medical issues so we are really stuck in the house and who knows for how long? This is the hardest time we have ever had and it isn’t over. I wish you lived nearby. We could share our isolation. But know we love you.


  6. It is an awful way to feel. Heartbreaking, actually.


  7. Trump and Johnson have a lot in common in their incompetence and their idiocy. We are ashamed to be British and hate that we are diving headlong into Brexit as well as dealing so badly with the virus. I, too, have to keep sane with my photography and the finding of beautiful things to counteract the nastiness which seems prevalent. Stay well.


    • You too. It appears like we haven’t learned much since 1348 when quarantine and masks were the medical advice of the century. For that matter, it was also true in 1918. And people went crazy then too … which made it much worse. Johnson isn’t, I think, quite as malevolent as Trump, but we don’t live with him so it’s hard to tell for sure. And at least he isn’t orange.


  8. That’s why I retire to my garden.

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    • And I take wildlife pictures. You can’t stay that mad all the time. It wears you out and eventually, you get gloomy and cranky. It was just that yesterday, as half the country hit the highest COVID rates yet, Trump is at the Supreme Court asking them to REMOVE health care! Remove it. In the middle of a pandemic. Does he even care whether we live or die? My guess is he doesn’t.

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  9. Sad times indeed, but oh, I do love the cleverly adulterated Gary Larsen cartoon – ha ha ha, Midvale School for the Gifted! To be honest, it’s pretty embarrassing being British at the moment, too 😀

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