ASK FOR RAIN, GET RAIN – Marilyn Armstrong

We needed rain. The river was low and I had to assume so was our aquifer — which means our well was also low. Not low enough to affect us yet because we have a 475 foot deep well. That’s about three times deeper than most people have. It must have cost a fortune to dig it, but it means we have more water in it than most people.

So on Saturday, it rained. We had about 2 or 3 hours of heavy rain and yesterday, most of the day was sunny. But around 3 in the afternoon, the sun disappeared and by dinner time, it was as dark as midnight. We could hear the thunder rolling almost continuously in the background. We were watching the news and the lights were flickering, so Owen came upstairs and we lit candles in each room because it looked like we were going to lose power any time.

Then there was the hail, so heavy is started coming in through the dog’s door.

Our back porch garden was flattened. They don’t look broken, but they are seriously bent and will need staking to prop them up. There was a lot worse in this storm, but fortunately for us, the storm turned sharply eastward and moved off to the coast and the Islands.

That’s what you get when you ask for rain, You get rain. Then you get hail. Then you get wind and torrential rain with so much lightening it looks like the clouds are lit from behind.

Well, I asked for rain. We got rain and a few other things, too.

7 thoughts on “ASK FOR RAIN, GET RAIN – Marilyn Armstrong

    • It poured again last night, so they aren’t looking perky — and another raccoon (I hope it WAS a raccoon) tore open the very last of our feeders. And this one was standing on the deck. I suppose I should feel lucky because at least it didn’t fall two stories and get crunched. Owen has to get stakes. The smaller ones were beginning to pop up yesterday. The tall ones are still lying down and the rain hasn’t stopped yet, either. Well, as Owen said, this is the price you pay for growing plants outside. Weather is a bitch.

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      • A few weeks ago, some time after I read your post about young raccoons, I saw a young racoon close to my house. My dogs started to running towards something, so I called them back and went to check. yep, I’m glad I did! Nobody would have been happy if the got too close! You most likely do need stakes if the rain knocks them down so easily.


  1. My goodness, you did get rain – on steroids by the look of it. I remember once we’d just walked through the door having got back from holiday in a hot and dry summer, and the heavens opened letting out a massive hailstorm with ice the size of stones. It left little dents all over the top side of our cars which are still there today.


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