I don’t consider myself a mean spirited or a vindictive person. I avoid conflicts with others and I don’t think about revenge when someone slights me. My friends and family consider me a nice, decent, even sweet person. I even stayed friendly with my ex-husband after our divorce for many years.

But suddenly, I’m finding myself positively gleeful at the sudden and dramatic downturn in Trump’s (and all Republicans’) fortunes. I not only cheered, but gloated when I saw only one third of the seats filled at Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Especially after his people bragged about the huge number of tickets requested. They even created a second rally venue outside the stadium and planned additional speeches by Trump and Pence for these anticipated overflow crowds. That made their failure more gratifying when only 6,200 people showed up in a building that had 19,000 seats.

I was so happy imagining Trump’s shock and horror as he looked out on the sea of empty blue seats. I was chuckling and fist pumping as I watched Trump’s dejected walk of shame later that night, morosely slouching back from his plane with his tie undone and his crumbled MAGA hat in his hand.

I am elated as I watch Trump’s poll numbers drop so far that even his people have to admit that he’s trailing Biden pretty much everywhere. But I feel more than the usual relief and hope that I would feel in normal times when my candidate is ahead in the polls. I feel vindication knowing that Republicans may have to face the reality that their years in the sun may be over – hopefully for a very long time.

Trump also created a problem for himself by stating that if he loses the election, it will be because of massive election ‘fraud’ or ‘rigging.’ So now anti-Trumpers can’t just be happy beating him by a respectable but small margin. We need to win in a landslide that he can’t possibly contest. We have to crush him like a bug.

I gather that others feel the same way I do because I’ve heard the phrase “Democrats will crawl over broken glass to get to the polls to defeat Trump,” even in a global pandemic.

I’m feeling some of the same glee and vindication watching Confederate Statues come down all over the country. The fact that Trump is livid about this makes the trend that much sweeter to watch. But I never understood the concept of honoring generals and other confederates who not only committed treason by trying to break away from the United States of America, but lost a war trying to do so. No one puts up statues to the people who lose the wars! We don’t have German or Japanese names on anything that I’m aware of.

Confederate Statue pulled down by protesters

Even in Germany, there are many monuments to WWII, but none are of Nazis! They are for the VICTIMS of the Holocaust, not the perpetrators! And the Holocaust is taught in German schools as the horror it was so it will never happen there again.

Statue in Germany to concentration camp victims

So when Trump (hopefully) loses big in November, I will not only be cheering for Biden’s win, but for Trump’s loss. I will also be hoping for the total humiliation and despair of Trump’s supporters and enablers, who always claim to be the ‘real’ Americans. I want them to feel the range of horrific feelings much of the country has been feeling for almost four years. I will be ecstatic as they watch in horror as the country repudiates them, their horrible values and their disgusting, shameful leader.

If that makes me a mean person, I can live with it.

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  1. We love it over in GB, seeing the man fail and slowly fall apart is like watching a car crash, so we probably shouldn’t watch but …


  2. I’m right there with you, Ellin.


  3. Trump makes EVERYONE ‘mean’ (everyone with a brain that is). I don’t waste my time any longer getting upset by that orange doofus, I ignore him, which, if he was aware of people ignoring him, would upset him more greatly than anything anyone can do. I don’t think he can survive without sycophants following him around telling him how great he is and stuff.

    However. I don’t like Biden much better (a little bit maybe, but not much). The choices this election (because America still follows that old, tired out two party system (even though the lines between those parties are blurred so much that one is virtually indistinguishable from the other one…both are filled with corrupt, self-serving liars, whom I wouldn’t cross the road to piss on if they were on fire.

    I don’t hold out much hope, but then I seriously am beginning not to care which side wins. I certainly don’t want four more years of Trump, that would make my suicidal ideations take form and action I think; but Biden doesn’t ring my bell either. I don’t know whom I will vote for IF I bother at all. No choice is maybe slightly better than the wrong choice in my opinion.


    • I think Trump is the wrong choice by ANY standard. And it’s people who DIDN’T vote last time that got him into office. He’s going to take away your healthcare, you know. That’s his goal. Ponder that.

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    • How can voting out Trump be wrong?

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      • Ellin, I am with you in the feeling of elation and joy at Donzo’s political plight. He deserves it. So do his disciples. However, I am keeping a handle on my celebration volume because it’s still a long time until November. I REALLY hope everyone gets out to vote and don’t sit on their tushes, thinking this is a done deal. The Fat Lady doesn’t sing until all the votes are counted. I hope we’ll be singing with her.


  4. Every time I hear about him raging at something that didn’t go his way, I feel warm and fuzzy inside. 😊 I read an article last week that people who work at the White House say he’s totally demoralized, wandering around in a daze asking people, “What do I do?” Or he alternatively throws apoplectic tantrums about nothing at all, screaming at the TV in his room. I love reading these stories.

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    • I try not to get too ahead of myself. I’m afraid we’ll be too exhausted by election night to vote. And no matter what ANYONE says, I don’t think the two parties are the same or even close. But yes, when Donzo is sad, I am happy because he is such an evil bastard.

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    • I too love reading stories about how lost and demoralized Trump is. The only thing I worry about is whether he will be in the state of mind when he loses, to claim the election was rigged and demand recounts and refuse to concede. That can create all kinds of havoc, including him getting to stay in office.

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  5. i so understand this


    • I think it’s a national issue. Everyone is exhausted and everyone I know intensely dislikes Donzo.

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      • If you only know Trump haters, that’s because of where you live and who your friends are. I know many people who have relatives in the midwest or even in Republican parts of Blue states. The Trump people are all over. And they only know people who love Trump and think we are all devils and demons with two heads.


    • It just makes me feel icky when I gloat over another person’s defeats. But Trump supporters feel the same way about us, which is why we have to defeat Trump in a landslide, so there’s no doubt about who the majority of the country really is.

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  6. I’m not American so my opinion is mostly irrelevant ….BUT…I’m with you all the way . His demeanour and behaviour constantly irk me and are against everything I strive to be.


  7. Totally understandable Ellen. I’m sure many people feel as you do and it’s his own fault for being so divisive and abusive to Democrats and anyone else he doesn’t agree with. If he acted like he was President of your whole country not just the ones who voted for him he might not be in such a bad position now. I’m also surprised to see such an undignified photo of him, that’s not usual to publish a photo of the President like that is it? He probably fired the photographer.

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    • Most people are turned off by his abusiveness and extreme attacks, but his supporters love it and feel the same way he does. The right wing media is full of bizarre conspiracy theories and ignorant ideas, like the rise of left wing fascists (left wing, by definition, means against fascism).


  8. I must admit I feel the same, Ellen. This man brings out the worst in all of us–both his followers and those who despise him.

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    • It’s great to get support from like minded thinkers! Thanks!

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      • You have my support all the way. The thing is that I am not an American citizen, just living here for a few years with my daughter who is studying for her doctorate. But what this guy is doing affects not only here but all over the world. And the amount of hate and division he has caused just makes me see red. This is not the US we know.


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