ON THE WATER: A SHORT TIME-OUT – Photos by Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

We took a couple of days off and we really needed it. Just the joy of seeing people we like IN PERSON. Real, live people! Time outside … a windy day on the water. It’s not that we were lonely, but we were tired of only seeing people on a computer or telephone. I needed humanity. To laugh and smile. It was a real joy.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

But we are still in the middle of getting refinanced. It looks like we have a tentative “go,” but until we’ve signed and the money is delivered, it’s a waiting game.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

So. A few pictures from Garry and maybe one from me. I didn’t take many pictures. i was feeling a little too shaky to go up to the front deck or even trek up and down the steps. Times like this really remind me that the past 4-years have made me feel 1000 years older than I did a few years ago.

Photo: Marilyn Armstrong – Black-backed Seagull

Yes, I know I’m aging, but i feel like the awfulness of the world and then finally, this disease that isn’t going away which has taken away so much of our freedom. I understand that for us it is a potential killer, but it’s sad. It has been a very difficult period for everyone and what we are feeling is no different than what so many other people are feeling. It has taken so much of the joy out of our lives.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Farewell