ON THE WATER: A SHORT TIME-OUT – Photos by Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

We took a couple of days off and we really needed it. Just the joy of seeing people we like IN PERSON. Real, live people! Time outside … a windy day on the water. It’s not that we were lonely, but we were tired of only seeing people on a computer or telephone. I needed humanity. To laugh and smile. It was a real joy.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

But we are still in the middle of getting refinanced. It looks like we have a tentative “go,” but until we’ve signed and the money is delivered, it’s a waiting game.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

So. A few pictures from Garry and maybe one from me. I didn’t take many pictures. i was feeling a little too shaky to go up to the front deck or even trek up and down the steps. Times like this really remind me that the past 4-years have made me feel 1000 years older than I did a few years ago.

Photo: Marilyn Armstrong – Black-backed Seagull

Yes, I know I’m aging, but i feel like the awfulness of the world and then finally, this disease that isn’t going away which has taken away so much of our freedom. I understand that for us it is a potential killer, but it’s sad. It has been a very difficult period for everyone and what we are feeling is no different than what so many other people are feeling. It has taken so much of the joy out of our lives.

Photo: Garry Armstrong – Farewell


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  1. Like all of us, Dobe went through stages. At one time, because he had always been pampered by his mother and taken under Ford’s wing, he was a bit of an ass and had a drinking problem After he went to AA, he straightened out his life and really grew up to be a fine human being. I believe he always thought of me as the little girl on the ranch. One day,my daughter ran into him at a meeting. He was talking with another man and told hm, “Her mother rode like an Indian….bareback and wide open.” Olive Jones and I were going to visit them in Santa Barbara when his wife, Marilyn, called and said, “Dobe fell in the shower and he’s in no shape to visit, so let’s make it another time.” That time never came. He never really recovered from that fall.But, he has left us with a lot of wonderful memories.

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    • Patricia, thanks so much for those shares about Dobe Carey.

      I am not surprised about the drinking issues given the crowd around them. They probably all should’ve spent time in AA. It’s a wonder they were as productive as they were. A very familiar scenario.

      Thanks, again, for the shares.


  2. I’m glad you got away for a while, Garry. We’ve just done exactly the same thing, going down to the coast for a break as our poor daughter has been pining for the coast and her tall ships since February. It’s a tough time for everyone, and you’re right in saying it’s taken the joy out of life. As Maddie says, we haven’t been ‘living’ this year, merely existing. Still, it looks as though your trip has been a tonic for you and I’m glad to see that. May there be many more trips like this to come. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I’m sure the break did you both good even if The Duke was peeved at being left behind.

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  4. A wonderful break with good friends…you can’t beat it…

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  5. Bautiful captures of a well earned time-out!

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    • I should have taken more pictures, but I was feeling too shaky to haul myself around the boat. There does not seem to be a “make me younger” pill on the market.

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      • Marilyn, it WAS shaky, windy and a bit chilly. I felt duty bound to take some pics of our beautiful surrounding. The positive side of the gusty winds: Some wonderful shots of flags…..blowin’ in the wind. I tried to get some of those “Ford shots” of flags along the deck, blowing seemingly in unison.
        It was so windy – I passed on getting some sun, top deck, because the wind was cutting through my Samoan bones. Now, that’s WINDY for a 70 something Samoan prince.


      • I know what you mean, but at least you have friends that you can visit “Face-to-face”. I too have a small group of people I can visit which is what saves me from myself. I also go out at night to take photos of Phoenix at dusk or night. I’ve found some pretty interesting places, and buildings under construction that have popped up out of nowhere. Find stable land, take pictures.

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        • Ben, glad you are getting out a little bit. Would like to see some of those dusk or night pics you’ve taken. They sound interesting.
          Duke was a little snitty about our leaving behind (With Owen). He is more the aggressive “The Duke” today.
          He would’ve been a problem during our visit, especially aboard Tommy’s boat. I was afraid Duke might try his Mike Nelson “Sea Hunt” bit.


      • And if there was, you wouldnโ€™t likely be amongst thr first to get your hands on it ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thanks, Kiki. Could’ve taken more pics but reminded myself — “CHILL, Dude!”.

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    • There used to be more of these black-backed gulls. They are bigger than the standard seagull which I’m sure you have there because I think they are pretty much everywhere. But the more aggressive grey “laughing gulls” have pushed these bigger, gentler gulls out, so you don’t see them as often as we used to.

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  6. Looks like you both had a wonderful day!

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  7. How wonderful to get out and about, especially on the water. It is a time in the world when we need to cling to the most joy we can find. I am struggling with my increasing blindness as best I can. I need the magnifying glass to read blogs and any small print with my good eye. The other one is a total loss. It’s futile to complain, ad f totally unproductive. So, heigh ho, away we go!

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    • I also feel like I’m losing myself piece by piece. I can see, but not like I did (blessed be to whoever invented Auto-focus!). I have trouble with text on pages and mostly read using audiobooks. It’s really hard for me to focus on print. At least on the screen I can enlarge print, but it’s rough. And Garry has glaucoma, so as long as he maintains treatment … And none of us hear as well as we did. But I can still walk. Steps are an issue, but if the surface is flat …

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    • Patricia, sorry about your increasing sight problems. I guess you do the best you can. It ISN’T futile to complain. You have friends like us who understand what it’s like to struggle with loss of sight, sound and other diminishing capabilities in our “golden years”.
      Please don’t stop what you are doing. Your shares are treasures to be savored again and again.

      (I am still reading Dobe Carey’s book. He apparently is sticking to his work in the Ford stock company and life around him. I’m now in Dobe’s chapter about doing “Rio Grande”. His description about doing “The ancient Roman horse race” is both informative and funny. Working with Pappy Ford could be ripe for high anxiety. But you know all this).


      • Yes, Pappy could be cruel. One time, when his daughter, Barbara, was a teenager, she had a crush on a young actor. Unbeknownst to her, he was coming to the house to see Pappy. When she was getting ready for bed with cold cream all over her face and her hair down up in curlers, Pappy had her answer the door when the actor arrived. You can imagine her teenage humiliation. In later years, she could be sarcastic and biting at times. However, when the composer/actor and my close friend died, Barbara called me about three weeks later and said, “We all know how the widow is doing. I’m calling to ask how the best friend is.” She had lost her best friend, Ward Bond, some time earlier. Years later, Barbara cared for both her mother and father when they were incapacitated and died herself not much after. I may have mentioned before that Olive Carey, Harry’s wife, was the only person I knew that Ford never was mean to. If he did say something even bordering on it, she gave him as good as she got. He was always still in love with her. That is why he took Dobe under his wing, starting in World War2. To him, he was always “Uncle Jac.”

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        • Patricia, thanks for the wonderful back stories. Some ARE mentioned by Dobe who seems most forthcoming about the personal as well as the professional. He is so down to earth, honest and humble in his book so far. I love his Ben Johnson voice imitations. They make me smile. Dobe must’ve been a quite a nice fella to know.


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