Share Your World 7-21-2020

Life is getting weirder and weirder. it is so weird that I’m at a loss to even describe it.  In all of my bizarre imaginings, I never imagined this life we are living and apparently will continue to live for the foreseeable future. Seeing friends this week, we all realized that this could REALLY be the new normal for us. All of us. We are retired, so it’s not that different from day to day … yet somehow, it is different and I’m not entirely sure how. Just … different.

Where do you not mind waiting?

At this point, I simply don’t mind waiting … except maybe for traffic jams when rubberneckers are the reason for the tie-up. And even that isn’t so bad. We just turn up Sirius and sing along. If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that you can’t hurry traffic. Yelling at them doesn’t make them move any faster.

What is in your fridge right now?  

Honestly, I’m not sure. Half-and-half, ginger ale, sports drinks (because it is REALLY hot). Some incredible desserts we brought back from Connecticut. Yogurt. Salad makings. Many small containers with biologic experiments within. I’m afraid to look.Two peppers i really need to use tomorrow. That reminds me — I have to defrost something for tomorrow. I’ll be right back.

Okay, so tomorrow is boneless chicken thighs and something else.

If you could speak only one word today, what would it be?

I don’t think there IS one word. You’d have to ask me something. I can’t decide to answer anything that occurs with one word. And in the middle of a refinance, it would probably be a really bad idea anyway.

Would you rather be trapped in an elevator full of men with BO — OR — be locked in that same elevator with three wet dogs? 

I probably wouldn’t even notice the dogs. My whole house smells like dog. We are very doggish.

Back when we had three dogs … just three months ago!

Please feel free to share something good about last week.  

We seem to be getting a really good mortgage with money out to get the boiler repaired AND fix the back door and maybe something else. Amazing because the banks wouldn’t give us a $7,000 zero percent mortgage. I really don’t get it.

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  1. Yes… I have had so much trouble finding joy inside and out. I smile to my kids and friends but on the inside theres a lingering feeling of worry everyday 😦 sending you many many vibes of protection and good health as we wait on a vaccine.


  2. I agree things are so so strange. I had huge goals for this year only to be sidelined on the couch or golf course ha ha. New doors have opened but then theres so many things I miss. I hope this does not last for years 😦


    • If we are lucky, there will be a vaccine in our future. For some of us who are not young, there’s a chance that it may take longer than we’ve got left. I hope not. I think what’s REALLY missing from out lives is effervescence and the freedom to do what we want when we want it without complicated planning and worries about disease and death. It’s hard to be joyful, even when good things happen because we are living in a terrible and threatening world.


  3. Thanks Marilyn for Sharing Your World! In my opinion the difference for those of us who were ‘leisure (as such) ‘ BEFORE the virus; is that perhaps our definition of freedom has been whacked. Really really hard. That’s how it is for me any way. I don’t feel as free as before the virus, and that was different from how free I felt before 9/11. I suppose we’ll get used to it, but that scares me a little. Who wants to have their freedoms nibbled away at until only the rind is left?

    If you have patience, you have much. Those of us without patience get more irritated..

    Your fridge sounds ready for any contingency! 😆 Maybe you can make chicken fajitas and use those peppers you were talking about? Or pasta with chicken and peppers….Yeah. I’m full of advice on cooking for other people. It’s far too hot here to bother.

    I’m so glad you have had a turn around in the financial situation and that perhaps you can breathe easier after it’s done and dusted. The banks are just as scared as the individuals in the world and I think they’re just reacting badly, which is why common sense has flown right out the window.

    The little picture of the three canine friends tugged at my heart. What a difference three months makes, hmm? I’m sure Duke is reaping the attention rewards…


    • It’s not only the lack of freedom to do stuff on the fly. It’s also the complexity of everything. Where’s the mask? Are the usable bathrooms along the way? Do I really want to put my butt on a public toilet? What used to be “no big deal” is suddenly a very BIG DEAL. Everything needs to be planned, arranged, organized,.

      It’s too hot to cook here, too. I mean — REALLY REALLY hot.


    • I learned patience by (1) raising a very lively son and (2) doing the kind of work that absolutely requires patience. Writing the kind of material I wrote requires focus, attention, a really good memory, the ability to memorize information very fast and spit it out onto paper so others will understand it. If you aren’t patient, you just can’t do the work.

      Also, age changes you. I had a temper when I was young and I still do, but it takes a very long time to push all the right buttons and I’ve gotten much better at walking away rather than duking it out. Other than my husband, I don’t think anyone can really make me furious … but married couples have that effect on each other. It keeps you from getting bored. I have been told that if you never fight, you marriage is over.


  4. All the best with the refinance. Weird is the right way to describe our life these days. But we are all alive and that’s something to celebrate.


  5. The weird times – a good thing to write about. I wonder if there were any books written about the Pandemic Spanish flu of 1918?


  6. I know what you mean. My life is not that different than the three months I spent here pre-Covid but if feels different. Maybe because I know that things that I took for granted won’t be happening this year. The things I did every year, doll shows, model train shows and so on. Even things I wouldn’t have done anyway. I can’t afford to travel but before this it was always in my mind that if I got lucky I could go here or there. I don’t go to concerts now and the bands I liked are older than me anyway but now I don’t think any of them will ever tour again. By the time this is all over they may not even be around. It It feels like end of life as we know it but from here it’s not scary it’s just weird.


  7. This was a nice read, I found the picture of the traffic jam aesthetically pleasing for some reason.


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