A Square Perspective – BeckyB, 22 July 2020

My View from a Quarantined World


Got a few seeds? This tiny chipmunk is a “least chipmunk.” He looks exactly like his bigger brethren, but he’s a quarter of their size. He likes to sit on the feeder and watch me watching him.

I feel like life has become an endless game of hide n’ seek. We are perpetually in hiding and that which is hunting us is too tiny to see. Maybe not entirely in hiding. I go out on the deck. I go to the garden. I even occasionally get all the way into the basement. Wow! i know, you are overwhelmed at these experiences, aren’t you? I take a lot of square pictures. Sometimes, it is a cropping choice, getting the busyness out of the picture. Other times, it’s just the right format for the picture. Since I’ve missed so much of this challenge, I’ll give you some extra pictures to try to make up for it.

My cigar box guitar
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Red-bellied Woodpecker


Everyone is curious, so I went and found music. The first one is a Muddy Waters blues number (not Muddy singing, unfortunately) and if you let it run, there’s another one right behind it that’s really great too. All the rest are various players on various cigar box guitars, all handmade. There are no “factories” to make them. All are made by hand. Some are, like mine, are really fancy.

Vintage Cigar Box Guitars

Most are simpler and most of them have an electric pickup. I could add a pickup, but it would ruin my Phoenix. Maybe I could put one on the back. I might need some help with that.

And here’s a lot of the “how to” in case you want to know how it’s done.

Learning to Play – Muddy Waters by Justin Johnson

In The Pines (Leadbelly, Kurt Cobain Nirvana) on cigar box guitar

A Three-String Shovel Guitar – Justin Johnson
Website: http://www.justinjohnsonlive.com/shovel-guitar.html

The Versatility of the “3 String Cigar Box Guitar”

Puckett Cigar Box Guitar

Steve Harvey – Intense Blues