2020 Photo Challenge #29

July’s theme / technique: Being Creative with Space

A live TV studio is an interesting place to shoot. You have to be very quiet because the mics are live and you have to be extremely cautious about where you put your feet. There are cables and parts of camera setups everywhere. So for the duration of the show, you basically have to find one position that gives you your best position for shooting and see how it works out.

This one was a good one for negative space. Of course the background is green. That’s the standard for studios. Green screens, though some of them these days are blue.

Negative space in the studio

This big black-backed seagull settled down on this post and I waiting, hoping he would finally stand up. He did. Negative space? How about the entire sky?

Black-Backed Seagull

A pair of fuchsia buds.

Fuchsia buds

This little furry guy is a “least” Eastern Squirrel. They are the miniature versions of the bigger chipmunks, small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Even my hands which are very small. He likes to watch me as I watch him. Brave little guy.

A least chipmunk, kind of a miniature version of the bigger version

One pair of green sunglasses – Photo: Garry Armstrong

Goldfinches hanging in the air. They look like they are standing on empty space.

Two wet daylilies. I love the space between the two blossoms

Photo: Garry Armstrong

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  1. Great examples of using space in photography, I especially like those goldfinches!


  2. The last photo – two kids gone for a swim?

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