I know I’m voting for Biden. I’ve supported every candidate in whom I believed including many that are no longer in contention. I’ve written my heart out.

If the American people are too stupid to vote for someone who might save us from destroying our nation and our planet, there’s nothing more I can do. I sincerely hope we aren’t quite that stupid.

I’ve reached a new stage in my political development. I know for whom I will vote. I’ve known since 2016 that whoever wasn’t Trump was getting my vote. Now I have a name to go with the intention. I don’t need any more dirt or psychological analyses. I know he may not willingly leave the White House and has, as i suggested a few weeks ago, managed to find at least one military branch to be his “secret police.”

He a dangerous, evil thing. I’m not even sure he’s human. If there really are demons, I think he’s one. Maybe he’s the antiChrist. Or possibly both. One way or the other, I have no remaining mind to make up. I’m sure whatever he’s doing is rotten because everything he has done is rotten. If I ignore videos and anti-Orangeman rants, forgive me. I’ve given all I have to give. Now I need a peace and mental quiet. I need an adult-sized time-out.

Meanwhile, with all this craziness going on, I’m heartbroken that my favorite and best clothing store is closing forever in two weeks. I’ve been buying all my favorite stuff there for more than 30 years. I don’t even know where to shop now. Life is bizarre and I am worn very thin. I need a mental break.

What will be will be. I have done my best.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

21 thoughts on “DONE. FINISHED. KAPUT. FINITO.”

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  2. I’ve been listening to our local talk show, and it’s getting scary. I can’t believe the number of callers who still support Trump. (For that matter, I can’t believe the number of callers who malign Gov. Cuomo for his firm handling of the COVID-19 situation. Hey, we’re doing well in NYS right now because of the Northeast governors). While I have no real political opinion, other than to say that anyone other than Trump is better, I do wish there was a third candidate or at least someone other than Biden. I’m afraid too many of the younger people will view Biden’s frequent gaffs as a sign of impending senility and won’t take into account his other qualifications (like, for instance, he isn’t Trump).


    1. You know, Americans are really stupid. If we as a people are SO stupid that we don’t now we have a dangerous, mentally ill president, then elect Stalin for a second term. You just can’t make everyone happy. I hope Biden picks a hearty Veep, but otherwise? I’d vote for a stuffed Panda rather than Trump.

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    1. It’s exhausting and it’s a bummer. I’d say depressing, but it isn’t depressing. it’s infuriating. it doesn’t make me gloomy. It enrages me and makes me wonder if this was really what my life was about.

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    1. Some previous Republican said he has never even imagined voting Democratic, but if Biden were to disappear and the Dems ran a can of tomato soup? He’s vote for the soup. I just hope somehow we manage to have a real election because i’m beginning to wonder.


  3. I’m not sure of what your taste is for clothing, and if you shop on-line to purchase it? I’ve used one company in particular for a long time and their quality is pretty good and their prices very reasonable. They do ‘plus’ sizes too if that’s a consideration. The only whine I’ve had about them lately is that they’ve stopped making/stocking night shirts. I prefer to wear a night shirt versus P.J.s or nightgowns, but oh well. It could be worse. Otherwise as mentioned they’re a good company. If you’d like, I’ll send you the name of that company and you can see if they’ll work in the short term until you can find (if you want to that is) a new clothing outlet you like. I’m sorry to hear about a long time business such as that closing. A sign of the times? Yep. Take care Marilyn. I still cling to the fading hope that someone will assassinate that orange asshole. Maybe one of his own family..

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    1. This was Coldwater Creek. They always have nice things that are kind of western and sort of swingy. i used to shop and land’s End, but they’ve started looking like everyone else, but more expensive. and LL Bean can’t make a pair of pants that fits me. Oh well. As long as I can get underwear, maybe the clothing will last forever?


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