I finally got some reasonably good pictures of El Duque. We were outside on the deck and I had to cajole him to stop hiding in the plants and show his handsome jowls. So here’s the Duke, in all his glory. He’d be more glorious if he got a bath.

The Arch Duke

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

14 thoughts on “EL DUQUE, DOG OF DAWGZ”

  1. I was going to say I bet he needs a lot of brushing. I take Cindy outside to brush and when I have finished I take a rubber bristled brush and brush myself. Cindy has short hair but its dense and she sheds a lot.
    Duke is a very hansome boy and even though he probablly only stays neat about five minutes I bet he looks nice when he’s just been groomed. Is he missing Bonnie?


    1. The first few weeks he missed her a lot. He kept looking for her. But I think he’s figured out that he’s the only dog now. He is surprisingly easy to groom. He doesn’t matt easily, either, but Garry vacuumed today and there were mountains of his hair EVERYWHERE.

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  2. Pudge and Ziggy need baths too. It’s too cold (in the house with the A/C) to do it right now though, even though it’s so hot outside. They’re not bothered. I am a bit leery of bathing Pudge, as he can be snappish, although he doesn’t bite. Few teeth to do that really, it’s more a gumming effort 😆

    Sir Duke is a handsome and very happy boy! Enjoy him! 😀


    1. I need to at least brush him thoroughly, something I’m dreading. It means hair EVERYWHERE, especially on me. But someone’s gotta do it and I can’t afford to pay someone, at least not this month.


    1. He is a handsome boy. He looks like he ought to be some kind of breed, but he isn’t. He’s got a mix of some sort of Asian dogs — short muzzle, tail looped over back, those very distinct black and white markings … he may be a cross of some kind, but we’ll just take him as he is.

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