Yesterday, while I was feeling especially poorly, I got up early to get something to drink. I looked out the dining room doors and there, on a feeder, was a bright red Cardinal and a brilliantly yellow Goldfinch.

Even feeling as badly as I did, I wanted that picture, so I snuck over to my camera, turned around and both birds were gone. I think it’s personal. Still, it was a beautiful sight with the early morning sun shining on the two bright birds. So in compensation, here are some pictures of scarlet Cardinals and yellow Goldfinches. They are beautiful.

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20 replies

  1. Such colour, I can see the delight in it.


  2. what a beautiful morning sight!


  3. The company of birds: it seems like thoroughly good company. Which has just reminded me of some of Africa’s traditional tales. Birds are always the messengers, the truth tellers and therefore the means by which wrongdoing is outed. Wise to stick by them then. Hope you’re feeling better today.


  4. Isn’t it quite wonderful to feel so pacified and quietly happy by the sheer sight of some birds? Not all is lost….
    Get better really soon, you’ll need all your strength to get through the next winter. all the best!


  5. These stunning pics also cheered me up! Thanks for sharing!


  6. How beautiful they are, both separately and together. A lovely gift for the eyes and heart.


  7. They cheered you up.


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