In a world that has gotten rather grim, this made me laugh.
I’ve seen it before. It made me laugh a couple of years ago,
so maybe it’ll make you laugh now. 

NOTE: CHANGING THE SIZE OF THE FONT: If you don’t know how to enlarge type, if you have a PC, there are three dots at the far end of the line on which the post’s logo shows. If you click it, it will show you a + and a -. Hit – to make it smaller and (duh) + to make it bigger. I use it a lot for pieces like this where you really can’t make the text much bigger and also for cartoons where the “speech” is often too small for me to see. Very useful. I’m sure there’s an equivalent on the Mac and if you use Chrome, probably it’s exactly the same since Chrome is pretty much the same on all machines. This is useful to anyone whose eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and works on ALL text.

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  1. I grimly laughed at the description of British capitalism.


  2. Yes that about sizes up the Canadians, however, we aren’t playing hockey very well anymore.


    • You’ll get back to it. Right now, sports just isn’t doing well. Even those doing well aren’t doing well. The Sox are TERRIBLE and it’s just as well the season doesn’t look like it’s going to be played. This looks like a very missable season. I think hockey may be one of the only sports that gets played. They already WEAR masks.

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  3. Made me laugh, too, probably because there’s so much truth in there.


  4. Oh, Marilyn, this is hilarious. Especially the US one. So true!


  5. It is hilarious, Marilyn. Reblogging.

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